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This morning was looking like it was going to be very bright, so for breakfast I wanted to treat myself to an oldtime favorite: A Breakfast Sandwich

Just yesterday the lovely Fitnessista posted a video on how to make an Egg Puff.  I have always wanted to try cooking eggs in the micro because well.. it’s just so much easier haha but I was always nervous about it. Well I’m happy to say it turned out perfect! Thank you so much Fitnessista!

2 micro-ed egg whites with a slice of 2% cheddar cheese!

I should have taken a pic without the cheese but I’m still trying to get the hang of this food blogging stuff 🙂 hopefully my pics will get better over time.

I finished off the B-fast Sandwich with sprouted grain bread and some sliced chicken instead of sausage or bacon. I wanted this guy to be a little healthier than usual, a little lower calorie, and a lot quicker haha.

This was soooo good! Compared to the breakfast sandwiches I used to rely on, this was much healthier. The old b-fast  sandwich (college version) usually consisted of a large white bagel or biscuit, 2 whole eggs, cheese, and either bacon or sausage tallying in at about 600 calories and up to 39 grams of fat! I’m trying to stay away from calorie counting, but just as a comparison my sammie totaled about 320 calories and probably around 7 grams of fat.. just estimates but still a huge difference. The only downside is that as of right now I haven’t had any fruits or veggies.. opps! I’m just full and satisfied right now so I’ll just try to make up for it later.

For now its tea with a splash of vanilla almond milk…

… and I’m set to tackle the day!