Went to see Alice in Wonderland tonight! I’ve heard a lot of talk about bad reviews but I loved it!

I took some sliced cantaloupe to snack on during the movie and then later one while shopping at the mall.

I’m so glad I brought this along with me otherwise I would have been starving and totally would have caved for a warm and buttery soft pretzel.

We walked around the mall for a while and got some awesome deals at the Hallmark that’s closing. I got two really sweet picture frames and a bunch of cards to send to friends and family. We sort of made a last-minute decision to eat out and headed over to P.F. Changs.

We started out with a glass of wine. Not generally usual for the hub or myself, but it was happy hour and we both immediately saw wines that we were interested. Mine was a Riesling, never tried one before. Wasn’t my favorite, but not bad either.

Hub ordered these awesome shrimp dumplings.. I had 1.5.

I ordered wonton soup…

This is just my small bowl, it actually comes in a large bowl that’s supposed to serve 5 people (I had no idea)! This was definitely the best wonton soup I’ve ever had. Along with the wontons there was fresh spinach, shrimp, mushrooms, chicken, and water chesnuts. I ended up having 2 small bowls.

I also had the famous lettuce cups for the first time.

I got veggie (tofu and water chesnuts) instead of chicken and was really impressed. It hardly even tasted like tofu, it was delicious. I think I had about 3 maybe 4? lettuce cups.

 At first I wasn’t too excited because I’ve really been trying to cut back on eating out, but diner ended up being awesome. Usually after eating out I feel uncomfortably stuffed and tend to feel guilty for completely over doing it. Tonight I didn’t feel like that at all, I am comfortably satisfied 🙂

Usually fortune cookies are pretty general and just make you feel good. This one was totally random haha.

I definitely had a great weekend. It was nice to relax and have a date with the hubs.  Hope everyone has a great week!