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I was incredibly un-rested and tired when I woke up this morning. Sometimes when I run or do a heavy workout late at night I get really restless and can’t sleep at all. That’s what happened last night only I ran at  like 3:30, not late at night. The only thing I did close to bed time was a few bicep curls and some shoulder presses and they weren’t even that close to bedtime. Needless to say I took a nap this morning. It was an hour maybe an hour and a half and sadly I still feel wiped out. I really need to work on my sleep schedule because not only is this not healthy, its driving me crazy.

I slept through my normal breakfast time and since I have lunch plans at 12 I wanted to keep things light. I toasted up a whole wheat bagel thin and added some toppings.  A friend told me about these things a few weeks ago and I’m just now trying them – genius – all the greatness of a bagel and only 110 calories.


Toppings: a small amount of cottage cheese, some honey, and 1 perfectly ripe and sliced kiwi.

All together this was right around 200 calories. It was a nice light breakfast since I’m having lunch in about 2 hours. I can’t believe that this used to be a normal sized breakfast for me when I was strictly calorie counting.. no wonder I was always hungry!

Ahhh it’s so nice to have a selection of food again, I had definitely put off grocery shopping for way too long. Now what to pack for lunch?