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I felt super munchy all day today. I have a feeling it might have something to do with not sleeping very well last night. Either way I had a really great day today, I love Wednesdays! Wednesdays usually mean a lunch date with a great friend to watch the biggest loser (because all the cool kids watch it the on Wednesdays instead of Tuesdays) and then our favorite Spin class. Today was no exception. I have to admit the biggest lose is super cheesy, full of ridiculous advertisements, is completely unrealistic, and probably pretty irresponsible. But what can I say? I still like to watch it, oh well.

In other news: Spin class totally kicked my butt. I think the legs were definitely a little tired from my ground breaking run yesterday. This week has been pretty heavy in the cardio department and I’m loving it! I couldn’t work out like this everyday, every week, but every once in awhile I just think it feels so good to really go all out for a week or so.

Lunch was packed early this morning. I pulled out the soup I made yesterday and it had gotten pretty thick over night. I pulled out about half and set it aside, I think it will make a nice side dish the way it is now, sort of like a healthier red beans and rice. I added a good bit (maybe a 1 -1.5 cups) of chicken broth to the other half to get it to a more soup like consistency and packed it up.

Then I made a small salad spinach salad with 1/4 of an avocado, about 3 small mushrooms, some green onions, a tsp of toasted sesame seeds, topped with some soy sauce.

I also packed a low fat vanilla yogurt just for good measure 🙂

I think this lunch was pretty well-rounded, it had beans and yogurt for protein and spinach, mushrooms, and tomatoes for fruits and veggies.  After I ate everything I was perfectly satisfied and not sleepy like I am sometimes after eating lunch. I’m always surprised by how satisfying a meat-free meal can be.  Since I slipped up last Friday and ate some chicken (trying to go meat-free on Fridays for lent) I decided to go meat-free today to make it up.

Despite how satisfying my lunch was these little guys caught my eye…

mmm chocolate eggs!

There was a trip to the mall, because as you know – I love free samples, and I hadn’t gotten my free piece of chocolate from Godiva yet this month. I used to get lattes from Starbucks almost weekly but until today I hadn’t had one in probably 2 or 3 months. Enter the black cherry mocha…

I got it nonfat with only one pump of syrup instead of 2. I probably ruined what it was actually supposed to taste like but I still really enjoyed it and got an extra little pep before spin class.

While at the mall I picked up my free chocolate and didn’t eat it yet! But I did pick up a funnel cake free sample (just can’t turn them down!) it was just a bite and I completely inhaled it before I even thought to pull out my camera.

I thought the latte would hold me over but 20 minutes before Spin class was supposed to start my stomach started growling so I munched on half of an odwalla bar real quick.

I picked this up one day because I had coupons and I actually really liked it despite being kind of creeped out by how green it really was.

When I got home from class I was already starving again and new I wanted a big meal and fast. I think it was actually quicker to eat meat free tonight than it would have been not too. First I popped a morning star black bean burger in the microwave and then zapped some frozen veggies. Dinner in less than 10 minutes!

Spicy Black Bean Burger on a toasted whole wheat bagel thin with 2% cheddar cheese, brown mustard, bbq sauce, spinach, and tomato.

On the side: green beans with red pepper flakes, sliced carrots, and tomato with balsamic vinegar.

This was exactly what I wanted/needed. It was a pretty big meal, I almost never pull out the big dinner plates haha. I do hate letting myself get SO hungry though. I really should have had the apple I packed instead of that latte. I feel like when I let myself get to the starving-I-need-food-now point it’s so hard to feel satisfied and I am much, much, much more likely to overeat. Even after that huge meal I’m still fighting off the feeling to eat more. I’m going to wait a little while and if I’m really hungry and need more food then I’ll eat, but I feel like its more likely that I just let myself get too hungry.  Does this happen to anyone else or is it just in my head?

I am wiped out. Hopefully I can make it into bed early tonight.