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Ever since the Surf City half in Feb I’ve been really enjoying just working out for fun without the pressure to do any specific workouts for any specific event. Because of that I hadn’t been using my workout calendar (where I usually plan out the weeks workouts) and just so happened to completely forget that I’m running in a 10k on Saturday. OOPS. I definitely thought there was still at least another week or 2 left until the 10k.  I was just planning on running for fun and not for an awesome time or anything so I’m not too worried that I haven’t been specifically training for it but it was definitely a wake up call. I’ve also been slacking on my strength training as a result of the non-planning. Even though I’m not “training” for anything it’s still just a good idea to plan my workouts out.

I got to meet the Navy Guy today for lunch…


We ate at a fine Navy establishment. Just kidding. We ate at the food court where I attempted to eat a decently healthy lunch. Here is how the sandwich I ordered was described:  “A panini topped with thinly sliced portabella mushrooms, lightly breaded eggplant, and roasted red peppers”, well from previous experience I know that “lightly breaded eggplant” actually means ridiculously greasy deep fried eggplant, so I asked for spinach instead of eggplant, but they were apparently out of spinach. Oh well I ordered it anyway (without eggplant)…

It turned out to be regular chopped mushrooms and red peppers in some kind of italian dressing. It was a little bit boring but I can’t say it didn’t taste good. The bread tasted awesome. I ate half of the sandwich and a few of someones fries may have snuck in there…

I had tried to order some veggie based soup instead of fries for my sandwich but they were also out of that so I ran next door to subway and grabbed a chicken noodle. I wanted something more than just the sandwich.

Yikes, sorry for the blurry pics. The soup was heavy on broth and very, very light on chicken, carrots, celery, and noodles. It went perfectly with my veggies sandwich. Over all I think that for a food court lunch I didn’t do too bad.

About 2.5 hours later I chowed down on this pretty large fuji apple….

and the borrowed some almonds from a friend 🙂

I love the apple and almond combo for snacks. This actually used to be my go to snack and I’m happy to be bringing it back.  Hopefully it will hold me over for a while 🙂

 I am usually mixing up my meals constantly but when it comes to snacks I usually find something I like, stick with it for awhile, forget about it for awhile, and then end up coming back to it. Does anyone else ever go through phases with certain foods like that?