Sorry about missing out on the dinner post last night. I ignored my hunger yesterday afternoon and was famished after eating dinner and exhausted after eating dinner. I ended up eating way more in the evening than I normally would have because my body was rebelling from not eating enough during the day. On top of that my internet was acting up so I just called it quits and honored my drooping eyelids. Highlight of the night: Peanut Butter on a micro-baked sweet potato!

This morning I had to get up way earlier than I really wanted to. I had to get the navy guy to his ship before 6am this morning so I was up around 5ish? I don’t even remember, haha. Usually when I’m up that early I’m not really hungry and wait a little while for breakfast. This morning that was not the case! I feel like I have been uncharacteristically hungry all week. At least I’m starting to learn my lesson – not listening to my hungry will most likely lead to overeating later on!

So I listened this morning and made a pre-breakfast snack to hold me over for a while..

1/2 bagel thin with simply fruit orange marmalade.

After my pre-breakfast I attempted to be productive but realized that my less than 7 hours of sleep were not agreeing with me and fell asleep. After waking up again I made a real breakfast with my new can of pumpkin!

Plain low-fat yogurt, canned pumpkin, and Kashi GoLean. Amazing.

Since it isn’t thanksgiving season, which is apparently the only time of year to sell normal canned pumpkin, the can I got is not only gigantic but it’s also sweetened.  Oh well, there was no way I was waiting until november have some more pumpkin. My only issue is how to use all of this pumpkin before it goes bad… perhaps there is some baking in my future?

Any awesome pumpkin recipes out there?