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 A couple nights ago I made a batch of peanut butter cookies. It was the night after the race so I was feeling really good and just wanted one cookie. I made the cookies brownie style in a 9×13 pan rather than individual cookies and had a good-sized hunk that night. Then another, and then maybe even another, hey I just ran my best race ever, its ok right? I felt a little crappy, more because I had a tummy ache and less from actually being guilty. These cookies might have tasted good, but they just didn’t make me feel good at all.

The problem is now that ever since that night I’ve had a huge hunk of cookie pretty much every day. As I’m typing this I have a really crappy tummy ache from chowing down on a bigger than necessary hunk of peanut butter cookie right after a perfectly good breakfast.

Not to mention the fact that I declared I was going on a peanut butter break. If these cookies are satisfying my peanut butter cravings while I’m on this break then I’ve probably just made the worst substitute choice I possibly could.

First I think its important for me to acknowledge that plowing through a batch of tummy ache inducing cookies is not helping me reach any of my goals. I want to have a healthy diet, I want to improve my running and other physical endevors/goals, I want to build muscle, and yea, I still want to lose some lbs.  I’m not trying to make myself feel bad for eating the cookies, and I’m certainly not going to waste my time feeling guilty about it, but I can’t just ignore it.

More importantly, what are these cookies doing for me? I can’t think of one nutritional benefit of those cookies. Thats not to say that every single thing I eat has to benefit me nutritionally, but these guys have started taking up a large portion of my food for the day, and yes that should be doing something good for me. Besides why in the world would I want to continue to eat something that makes me physically feel awful, sick, and crappy? I mean of course they taste great, but so does real peanut butter, or an organic peanut butter granola bar, or maybe even some homemade peanut butter oatmeal cookies, now at least those things have some kind of wholesome nutrition to offer.

So I am committing, again, to my peanut butter break and getting rid of these cookies. I’m not taking a peanut butter break because I think it will help me lose weight, but because I was relying too heavily on peanut butter as a snack and source of healthy fat. I want to try to create more variety in my diet, find new tasty and healthy snacks, and incorporate other healthy fats. Getting greater variety helps our bodies out by getting a fuller range of vitamins, minerals, and all the other good for us stuff.

I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with eating cookies and I don’t think anyone should feel bad or guilty for eating them! I’ve just had a few too many in the past couple of days and instead of making myself feel ill with a sugar overload, I want to make myself feel good from the inside out with eats like these…

Last nights dinner, purple stir-fry, an egg, and 1/2 a pita

Stir-fry included, yellow oninion, yellow squash, yellow bell pepper, mushrooms, and then about 1/3 cup red wine at the end. Was a little worried this wouldn’t come out but the fruity hints in the wine went perfectly with the sweet bellpepper!


And todays breakfast, 2 whole grain waffles with half a banana and a tbsp of orange marmalade…

eaten sandwich style.

 Fun and healthy 🙂