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We don’t own a grill but our apt has a bunch of real gas grills scattered all around the complex. Up until the past couple of days its been dark too early or just plain too cold. Both navy guy and I were super excited to get grilling tonight for the first time in what seemed like forever. We love grilling!

We pulled out a butt load of shrimp, a salmon burger, and some awesome veggies…

A little bit of everything

My plate – 1/2 Salmon burger on 1/2 of a whole wheat pita with mustard and spinach. Amazing. blue corn tortilla chips (which I had already had a large handful of), zucchini (my green food for the day!), eggplant, and yellow bell pepper.

Then a few old bay shrimpies… plus about maybe about 3 more later on 😉 Does anyone else love old bay?

Afternoon snacks included a stonyfield vanilla yogurt and a huge fuji apple.


Dessert was probably a few too many pieces of caramel pop corn that I got free at the “5k” today. I feel like I should have learned my portion control lesson a long time ago. I can’t just munch, I need to pull out a portion and put the rest away. I’m way too much of a mindless eater.