Happy St.Patrick’s Day !!

I’m actually notortiously bad at completely forgetting about St. Patrick’s Day. I had every intention of making a green monster this morning to celebrate but I forgot. I keep hearing a lot of talk about Irish Soda Bread and I have to admit I had actually never heard of it before! Growing up my mom always made corned beef and cabbage on St.Patty’s day but back in the day I actually hated cabbage so I never looked forward to it.

My breakfast today was actually pretty random. I wanted waffles, but I didn’t want just waffles and I wanted eggs, but I didn’t want just eggs, so of course I had some of both.

I made a 2 egg omlet with some leftover black bean salad from yesterday…

and had a whole grain waffle with a sliced kiwi.


None of this really went together well at all. The waffle/kiwi combo was awesome, the egg/salsa not so much. This was my first time trying the salsa/hot sauce thing on eggs and I was not impressed. I love salsa and hot sauce on pretty much everything and even though they are both really popular to have on eggs I just never thought I would like it. Sometimes your gut instinct is just right. For whatever reason I’m just not a fan and probably won’t try something like this again. Now mushrooms in eggs… thats something good!

The best part of my breakfast…

A huge mug of coffee  with 1/2 cup of vanilla almond milk in the awesome new mug I snagged yesterday.

I will be sporting some green in a little bit at a Free 5k on the Navy base!