My grandpa and I were always very close. When I was young I loved hanging out with “pop-pop”. He would always take me to the best parks and never hesistated to serve dessert before dinner. My grandpa was a huge sweets lover, a man who never passed up the opportunity to grab a slurpee on a hot day and absolutely never missed out on having oreos and ice cream for dessert. My other grandpa has quite the sweet-tooth as well, he is a firm believer in coffee cake and thinks the best breakfast often comes from a leftover cake or pie.

At my home this was just not the case, there was no way I’d ever convince m y parents to have dessert every night, let alone ice cream and oreos every night. I mean some nights my Mom heated up prunes over the stove and served them as dessert. But I remember being very young and sharing a piece of cake with my dad for breakfast and saying “Its what pop-pop would have eaten!”

This morning I ate 2 large chuncks of peanut butter cookie for breakfast. In reality I knew I “shouldn’t” have, but I looked around the kitchen and its all I really wanted. Afterwards instead of feeling guilty, I fondly remembered all the amazing times I spent with my grandpa and how lucky I am to have had him in my life for so long and how lucky I am to still have my other grandpa still alive and healthy.

No I’m not trying to make a point to eat dessert every morning for breakfast. I’m definitely not trying to pretend I made a healthy choice. But I can’t take it back now. The cookies are finally gone and now I probably won’t have any around for a long time. Peanut butter, we are officially (yes I realize this is the 3rd time this week that I’ve said this) on a break.