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Today was pretty much an all day full on girls day. It wasn’t really planned, it just sort of happen and it was awesome. I didn’t stress over missing a workout, I didn’t freak out about over-eating a little at dinner. I just had fun, enjoyed the company, and then had some more fun. I wish I could say we did super cool “girls day out” things like getting pedis and massages then going wine tasting or something fabulous. In reality it was more like we ran a few errands, hit up some of our favorite stores, had some awesome eats, and then re-lived our old home town lives by wandering wal-mart for an obscence amount of time. Massages would have been awesome, but I think we both just enjoyed the distraction today. I think taking time to relax and really do things that make you happy are a big part of staying healthy.

Lunch was pretty awesome today. I used up the leftover veggies and the last of my “black bean salad”.

A veggie wrap with zucchini, eggplant, and yellow bell peppers re-heated in a skillet with added spinach.

With a side of black bean salad + some extra black beans and some extra avocado.

Snacks today…


Free Trail Mix, the best kind haha. It was being handed out at the 5k. It has almonds, dried cranberries, raisins, and both crans and raisins covered in yogurt. yummm. calorie dense, but I made sure I measured it out. This was 1.5 servings and was partially shared 🙂

For dinner we hit up  Souplantation. I had no idea it was a soup and salad buffet! I was so excited I completely forgot to take pictures 😦  I started out with a huge spinach salad that had a ton of cool veggies like shredded butternut squash and shredded radishes. I tried beets for the first time since I was like 6 and determined that I definitely still do not like them. We were both so overwhelmed by all of the awesome soup choices we decided to sample almost all of them. I think I sampled 5 soups? I didn’t have full bowls, the bowls were small to begin with and each soup filled probably a quarter of the bowl. I think dinner would have been ok if it stopped there but I have to admit I also sampled some mac and cheese, 3 types of bread, a blueberry muffin, a brownie, and some frozen yogurt. It was nice to have a friend to split everything with. A lot was definitely eaten but we were only taking a bite or two of everything. Definitely not something to do every night, but it was so awesome and a million times better than your standard golden corral or hometown buffet. At least there was a ton of veggie eating going on.

I am wiped out, I’m looking forward to some awesome sleep in about 2.5 seconds.