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Today continued with the chill theme of the weekend. I got a few things done but still felt like I spent most of the day just relaxing and hanging out. The highlight of the day was finally making homemade marshmallows from the recipe I saw on EatingBender by Mae oh probably a few weeks ago. Literally the day I saw the marshmallow recipe I was like “I have got to try this!” and ran out and bought all the ingredients I didn’t already have and then they just sat there and sat there.  Well today was the day…

I absolutely love to cook. I think making anything from scratch is fun and exciting. But by no means whatsoever do I claim to actually be good at it. Actually I almost aways end up either messing something up or making a huge mess. Either way it’s usually a lot of fun. This recipe seemed simple enough so I figured it would end up being one of those “make a huge mess deals.”

It started out with bubbling sugary goodness…

water, corn syrup, and sugar. (Navy guy didn’t get the no-flash memo).

Then turned into sticky, fluffy, swirling goodness….


sugar mixture blending with gelatin.

and of course… ended in a huge mess…


I think I have a special place in my heart for making really sticky and messy things. This whole process reminded me a lot of making fondant except it was a little bit easier and maybe even a little less messy? I wish I would have taken more pictures during the whole process but soon after the mixing part was over I was covered in powdered sugar and starting to get pretty sticky.

The marshmallows are supposed to set for at least 3 hours. The reality is that navy guy and I probably started this whole marshmallow cooking process a little too late and I’m pretty impatient about things I’m super excited about, so I made it about 2 hours before I started to play with them.

I decided to try making non-roasted s’mores


Not too terribly creative, but they turned out pretty great. I’m proud to say I only ate one… and then maybe some broken pieces of graham cracker dipped in chocolate…oops.

I only made a couple and now I’m actually leaving the fluffy goodness alone to sit. I’m trying to brainstorm some pretty and delicious ideas. I’m thinking of sending them out to friends back home in MD, so I want them to look semi-nice and a creative 🙂

These were definitely a messy project, probably works a little easier with an actual stand mixer, but so much fun and I will certainly be making them again in the future. Thanks so much to Mae for sharing the awesome recipe!