Still don’t know what was actually going on but everything seems to be working fine now 🙂 Posting back to Normal.

The weekend has been pretty chill. Yesterday navy guy and I had planned to do a little hiking. We had never been to the place we were going but had heard that it was super cool and really beautiful so we just went for it. It turned out to be less of a hiking kind of place and more of a visit to take pictures kind of place. Didn’t exactly get in a workout, but we had a great time and it was indeed really beautiful.

Heres a little of from what I’ve been eating…

Scrambled eggs with salmon

Black beans, avocado, cucumber salad.

Makeshift chicken gyro on a tortilla. Not the greatest… I need to try harder with this one.

And the best for last…

A grilled portabella mushroom as a burger with melty pepper jack cheese…mmmmmm! The best “burger” ever!

“burger” with grilled asparagus, grilled zucchini, a red potato, and beer 🙂 best meal of the entire weekend… actually probably best meal of the entire month right there.

Food this weekend has been really hit or miss. Some of it has been really awesome, healthy, and flavorful and then some of it has been unnecessarily indulgent and not so great. Workouts have also been not so great. For whatever reason I just kind of feel like last week was an off week with workouts. I was lacking energy and motivation. Maybe that’s a sign I wasn’t eating right? I’m a lot more inclined to get a good workout it if I’m eating right. One way or the other I’m looking forward to this week, I’m planning to really hit it and wake my body up a little bit 🙂