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I woke up this morning kind of in a funk. It was gloomy outside and a lot colder than I had anticipated. I was very thankful to have breakfast already ready. I just added some  greek yogurt to my leftover oatmeal from yesterday and ate it cold, which I really liked a lot. I’ve never tried “overnight oats” because I just never thought I’d like them but now I’m thinking they might actually be pretty tasty.

Leftover mocha oats and maybe 2/3-3/4 cup of greek yogurt. I already had a few bites before I took this picture and then stirred it all up. It totally fixed the weird texture it had going on yesterday.

My sour mood was really putting a damper on things, I just didn’t want to do anything I had planned for the day. All I wanted to do was get back in bed and honestly, normally that’s probably what I would have done.  Today I really wanted to do things different, I just didn’t want to feel like crap all day so I made a deal with myself: Go for a run and if you don’t feel better when you come back then you can get in bed and continue on feeling like crap. Then at least you won’t miss out on a workout today like you always do when you feel like this.

I kind of had in my mind that I’d run 5 miles and come back feeling like a new person ready to conquer the day. In reality I ran 4 miles, and came back feeling a little better but definitely with a lot more energy. The miles felt super slow and tired and it dawned on me that I was probably feeling the effects of PMS.  I’m so glad I got out and hit that treadmill because I know that exercise is usually the best way for me to beat the PMS blues. Take that!

Lunch today was inspired by Caitlin and her genius veggie grilled cheese sandwiches. I absolutely love grilled cheese sandwiches but have stayed away from them for… years??… because I was stuck in the mindset that a good grilled cheese sandwich just was not healthy, the thought of putting veggies on one never even crossed my mind.

Grilled havarti on Ezekiel Bread with asparagus and spinach. Plus an old favorite…

Little Yellow Mango! (not sure what they are actually called haha) so excited these are back in season.

I seriously cannot believe how long I have been missing out on these. At first I thought “it won’t taste the same as a real grilled cheese, but at least it will be a healthier option.” Then after eating it I thought “this is honestly so much better!” I really loved the flavors of the asparagus and cheese together and since there was so much more bulk to the sandwich I didn’t even notice the smaller amount of cheese or butter. I love finding new favorite foods 🙂