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I realized a little too late yesterday that I hadn’t really eaten enough during the day. When I got home I was so hungry I could have eaten the whole kitchen and I just could not get dinner ready quick enough.

Kiwis (x2) and an odwalla bar were eaten on the way home and I was still that hungry.

All day I had a tuna salad (kind of Nicoise style) in my head for dinner. Of course that meant hard boiling and egg and cooking a potato. I did it, but it was rushed, and instead of actually making a real vinaigrette I just drizzled on plain old balsamic vinegar. Oh and I realized after I had already started cooking that we were out of green beans, so I opened a can, bad idea.


Bed of spinach topped with 1 small can of tuna, 1 hardboiled egg, 1 small red potato, 1/2 cup canned green beans, and 1 roma tomato.

This is probably the first time in my life that I didn’t enjoy this kind of salad. I guess it’s just one of those meals that you need to take some time with, or maybe my grandmother was secretly cursing me for using canned green beans on something that even only remotely resembled salad nicoise? haha, that’s probably what it was. I’ve definitely learned my lesson.

frozen yogurt was had to make up for the lackluster dinner 🙂  I had a small amount of boysenberry and some of this new yuzu flavor (kind of tasted like plain tart with a slight lemony-citrus flavor, so fresh!) topped with some strawberries, kiwi, and shredded coconut. Unfortunately I left the camera at home.

When I got home I don’t think I lasted more than an hour before passing out. The combo of getting so hungry and PMS fatigue just got the better of me and I slept like a rock.. That is until I got cramps at 3 am this morning.

I was totally not in the mood for eating real food this morning and breakfast went a little something like this: a handful of trail mix, a handful of cereal, a few bites of cheese, a few chocolate chips… basically just munched around the kitchen. Lame-o.

I’m feeling a lot better now and its looking like lunch will be much better (and healthier!). Today is Biggest Loser and Spin day, how coud I not be in a good mood?