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I really wanted taco/burritos something for lunch today but I didn’t have any ground turkey on hand. I looked in the fridge and decided to try using mushrooms instead of ground meat and things turned out pretty awesome.

I used to use taco seasoning all the time to cook lots of different things but I’ve cut back a lot because of the sodium content. Now I try to use this stuff more often…


Mrs. Dash Southwest Chipotle, awesome flavor.

I diced up about 4 small mushrooms (probably could have used more) and cooked them in a pan with about 1/8 cup of water and plenty of mrs.dash.


Taco/burrito thingy with mushrooms, a small roma tomato, and 1/4 of a giant avocado (so probably closer to 1/3 of a reg sized avocado) on whole wheat tortilla.


I added a generous handful of spinach before rolling it up. On the side: about 1/3 of a cucumber, the rest of my 1/4 slice of avocado that didn’t fit on the burrito, and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar. 

 I think I’m going to be subbing mushrooms for meat more often, I loved this lunch!

I had a surprise sweet tooth attack this afternoon after lunch. Weird for me, I’m usually a big time salty snacker. I tried to quiet block the attack with some sweet cereal…


1/2 cup Kashi GoLean

But the darn craving still persisted so I ended up breaking out the homemade marshmallows.


mmmm. This really hit the spot. I had about 3(oops). Nothing wrong with having dessert in the middle of the day right? My sweet tooth was happy but my tummy wasn’t happy for very long. Having nothing but pure sugar doesn’t really hold me over very well, so I had a real snack a little later.


About 1/2 a serving (15 g) of  pistachios. These guys are actually doing a really awesome job holding down the hunger. I think I’ll be able to run to the library and hit the gym before worrying about dinner 🙂 Yay nuts!

Its easy for me to eat a few hundred calories worth of nuts but swear I only ate a few. Actually measuring out my nut servings is pretty necessary for me. Anyone able to just grab a small handfull and be ok? or do you have to measure out your nuts too?