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Sorry about being MIA weekend. Navy guy and I tried to spend a bunch of time together this past weekend since the Navy is claiming him all this week, then once he gets home we’re going to have guests visiting for about 2 weeks. We had fun, ate yummy and maybe not so healthy foods, worked out some, and did a little bit of early birthday celebrating.  I think it was best that we both spent a little  lot of extra time away from the computer.

I’m glad to be back, but have to admit I am a little bummed. I’m trying my best to fix my attitude and enjoy a little alone time before things get hectic. Whenever I feel a funk coming on I really try to focus on positive thinking. It’s not always a magic fix or anything, but it definitely helps. Today I’m trying to focus on my little sister coming to visit on Wednesday (!!!) and trying out a new class at the gym tonight. I do have to spend a good chunk of my day cleaning, but at least I have some things to look forward to! Positive Thinking – My Anti Funk. Hahaha the whole time I was typing this all I could think of were those old “….. My Anti-Drug” commercials.

When I woke up this morning I was starving. Eating junk food later in the evening always leaves me starving super early in the AM. On normal days, with out late night snacking and junk eating, I’m able to wake up, drive to the and back home, and still wait a little while before eating breakfast. I’m not really into eating breakfast before 8am, but this morning my tummy didn’t really care what I was or wasn’t “into.” So I had a cliff bar and called it a morning. Boring, no pic.

I had all kinds of plans to cook something awesome for lunch but around lunch time I was pretty much at the peak of funky-mood-battling and opted for something quick, easy, and satisfying.

Wrap with 2 ounces of deli chicken, lots-o-spinach, 1 ounce of goat cheese,  a little BBQ sauce, and a delicious sweet pear on the side. I’m actually surprised at how satisfying this lunch really was. I was staying away from deli meat for a while just to get in some more variety in my lunch, I’m glad out reunion went so well 🙂

Off to get my sping cleaning on…