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Sorry for the lack of postage but I kind of got caught up with something….


My little-litte sister is visiting for spring break from Maryland! (no she doesn’t take after me at all!… not one little bit..)I have two younger sisters but the middle one decided to go mission in Guatemala instead… I guess that’s acceptable haha.

I may or may not have stayed up insanely late watching old episodes of My S0-Called Life on Hulu last night (anyone else love?) so this morning I was definitely not getting with the program very quickly.

Breakfast was coffee with unsweetened almond breeze, some Total cereal, and an orange that I actually never ended up eating. Seriously, all I wanted was coffee.

I layed the spring cleaning smack down on the apt before the sister got into town. I was on a roll and didn’t get hungry until way later than usual. I needed a quick lunch so I threw a veggie burger in the microwave and pretty much inhaled it.

Morningstar Spicy Black Bean Burger  (definitely my fav veggie burger) with tomato, avocado, and spinach on a sandwich thin.

I really meant to get in some more fruits or veggies when I had a snack later… but it just didn’t happen

snack = vanilla yogurt and cereal. Totally void of fruit and veggies.

 There really wasn’t much to choose from for dinner since I’ve been waiting for the sister to get here so we could grocery shop together. We kind of threw together a little burrito bar and made burrito-esque things haha.

I started with a whole wheat tortilla and added some guac, tomatoes, seasoned chicken, black beans, and a little rice.

I rolled it up with some spinach and added a little chip and salsa action in on the side. Later I went back and had a really small bean, rice, tomato salad to use up some of the leftovers.

Look what Mom sent with the little sis…..

Butterfinger eggs and matled milk eggs. ahhhh probably some of my favorite Easter goodies. Had 2 of each for dessert… was I supposed to wait for Easter?