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Lame-o: I got a bad headache yesterday that lasted almost all day. I completely forgot to take pictures at lunch and dinner and figured it would just be better to go to bed instead of posting.

This morning I woke up feeling 100x better. I’ve been really crappy about making time for the gym recently (aka I didn’t go for 3 days – yikes) so this morning I decided that I just needed to get up and go early in the AM before  I getting busy. I’m usually not a morning workout kind of person but it felt good to get in and get a good workout done for the day. I did..

  • 10 minutes walking
  • 3 mile run – 32 minutes
  • 15 minutes on the elliptical

It always takes me a lot longer to sort of “get going” when I’m working out early in the morning so today I started with 10 minutes of walking. I really think it helped me avoid having the dreaded “dead legs” because my run was overall really smooth and awesome today. I felt really strong and fast (for me) and I’m so glad I made exercise a priority today. I think a good warm up is really key for a having a good run, but honestly most days I’m just not patient enough for it.

Before leaving for the gym I had a mini cliff bar.


Some days I don’t mind working out on an empty stomach but I was definitely too hungry this morning.

I fully intended on having a real breakfast after getting back, but the sister and I both accidentally felt asleep a little longer than we should have and before I knew it lunch time was way closer than breakfast time. My hunger/appetite was a little iffy from taking such a long nap so I kind of threw a bunch of leftovers together and had a “leftovers wrap” nothing special (it was inhaled before pictures could even be taken.

Dinner on the other hand was pretty darn special…


Home made sushi! Home made Philadelphia roll to be exact 🙂


Just cover a piece of toasted seaweed with rice and then add whatever you like on the inside. Philadelphia roll = smoked salmon and cream cheese + some cucumber just for fun.


Roll it up nice and tight with the end crease facing down so that the moisture from the rice seals it all up. I let it sit for a few seconds and then slice it up with a sharp knife. I swear it tastes just as good as store bought but its a heck of a lot cheaper. Around here I can get an average cheapy roll for about $5-6. This roll all together cost me probably about $3 and that’s just because the salmon was kind of pricey, I’ve made veggie and california rolls that average about a $1 or less!

Confession: I used to spend about $20 a week, almost every week, on sushi.

My favorite part is that by using a little less rice and omitting the rice vinegar and sugar you can cut the calories down pretty significantly. I can definitely give up a little bit of rice and sugar to get to eat more roll! My least favorite part is that I love raw fish and I’m too scared to try doing that on my own.

Have you ever made your own sushi? Do you like raw fish?