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I’m not really a big pancake person and generally try to avoid eating out at breakfast themed/pancake places but for some reason the Original Pancake House has always intrigued me.

 (totally forgot to take a picture of the oustide)

I heard about it a long time ago on the Travel Channel or Food Network… I can’t remember it really was a long time ago. There wasn’t one anywhere near me in Maryland at the time so I kind of forgot about and then about a  year ago I noticed one near the running store we go to out here in San Diego. I kind of made a mental note, something like “oh yeah, I remember hearing about that place I really want to try it” but then never really thought much about it.

Well today was they day! We already had plans to hit up the running store so it worked out perfect. We started out with some fresh strawberries


served with fresh made whipped cream, heavenly.I also had some coffee, which by the way, blew the socks off of any IHOP or Dennys coffee. Oh and yea, I had that with some real cream as well. It was amazing.

They have all kinds of pancakes and breakfast stuff, but I’m pretty sure they are famous for the original style german pancakes they offer. Apparently pancakes were originally baked in an oven instead of fried on a skillet. I saw lots of yummy sounding things on the menu but ultimately decided I was there to try the german pancake and that was that. The house offers the regular German Pancake and a Dutch Baby (same thing just smaller), well since my sister and I decided to share we figured we’d go for the real deal… no baby cake for us!


I think we may have gotten in over our heads…. literally…


It was bigger than our heads!


I tore off a pretty larege piece and barely made a dent! The pancake was light and fluffy with a slight crisp to the edges. The base of it was light and somewhat crepe-like and the rim/edges were fluffy and airy.It wasn’t spongy at all and was probably the tastiest “pancake” I’ve ever eaten at a restaurant.

We also ordered some pigs and a blanket because logically we figured we’re only getting one pancake, we’re going to have to supplement some how. Silly, silly us.


I still had some pig in blanket action. I usually don’t like breakfast sausage at all, but let me tell you I could have eaten about 10 of these. They were that good. I know I probably sound ridiculous going on and on about how awesome this meal was, but seriously it was, all any of us could talk about afterwards was how it was the best breakfast we had ever eaten at a restaurant. The whole vibe of the place was really sweet and home-like, I kind of felt like I was getting an old-fashioned home cooked meal from some distant great-great-grandmother or something haha. We did some serious damage…

navy guy threw in that random fork for a size comparison of the monster pancake after it was attacked by 3 people


and still had lots to take home.

Next up today was Road Runner Sports

My sister got fitted for her first ever pair of “running shoes”!  I may be a big weirdo but there is something about the whole process of some someone analyzing your feet and the way you run to find the perfect shoe that just gets me so excited!


I already pretty much know what works best for me but every time I’m in there I want to get fitted all over again.

By the time 3pm rolled around I was getting kind of hungry but after the monster breakfast all I wanted was something light. I grabbed a small mango….


which I ate in 2 halves like this,


I feel like there is a lot less waste with the smaller mangos since you can cut so much closer to the pit.

Then I mixed up a green monster to take to the beach


We were out of milk so things turned out a little different, but still pretty tasty. The mix was:

  • 1 cup water
  • 1 frozen banana
  • about 4 or 5 frozen strawberries
  • a scoop of chocolate whey powder
  • 1/4ish avocado ( I think the creaminess helped make up for the lack of milk)
  • 2 large handfuls of spinach

We then headed out to the beach and to dinner festivities and I totally left the camera sitting on the counter where I took the picture of the green monster. My head was just not in the game today. On the bright side: I bagged up all the Easter candy today so that it wasn’t just sitting pretty in a basket every time I passed the dining room table.  It definitely helped mentally to know that the candy was “put away,” I only had about 2 pieces today (which is embarrassingly a vast, huge, enormous improvement from the past couple of days lol).

Sorry for the late night marathon posting recently, the sister will be flying back home this weekend and I hope to have some more time during the day… but actually NavyDad and NavyGrandma are coming in the same weekend and staying for a week so I may be stuck with once a day marathon posts for another week. boo.

Update on busting vacation mode goals today: water (negative) – fruits and veggies (check!) – exercise (does watching my sister run on the treadmill count?)