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and I totally mean that in a relaxing  sigh kind of way, not a yelling way 🙂

It has been so nice to have the day to myself/back to my normal routine. Our guests are still here until tomorrow but had plans of their own all day so we won’t be meeting back up until dinner. Not that I haven’t been loving having them here, it was just nice to have some time to myself 🙂

I got in a good, but tough, workout today. I started it off with Day 1 of Making the Cut! I decided to start off doing each circuit just once since I’m very new to this whole style of working out.

Circuit 1 Dumbbell Press on Ball
  Dumbbell Flys with Crunch (on Ball)
  1 min Jump Rope
Circuit 2 Plank
  Push-ups – close grip
  Side Plank  (all 3 repeat)
  Sumo Squats
  1 min Jump Rope
Circuit 3 Frog Push- Ups
  Squat Thrusts
  Shoulder Presses w/ leg ext
  1 min Jump Rope
Circuit 4 Bench Dips
  Lunges w/ Shoulder Raise
  1 min Jump Rope
  Mountain Climbers
  Boat Pose
Circuit 5 1 min Jump Rope
  Bicycle Crunches
  Extended Plank


I made a few modifications. I was waiting on some phone calls and opted to stay at home instead of go to the gym.

home gym

Instead of doing 1 minute sprints I jumped rope for 1 minute. I left out one exercise that required gym equipment and didn’t do the Frog Push Up because there was no picture in the book and I just wasn’t getting it haha. I just replaced it with regular push ups so that I wasn’t slowing down the workout trying to figure it out.

Overall it took me about 25 minutes to finish and I was dripping with sweat. My heart rate was jumping around  from 145 to 175  and a few places in between so I definitely feel like I got in a good workout despite how short it was.

After I was able to leave the apt I finished up with a 2 mile run that took just under 22 minutes. Not at quick as I wanted it, but it still felt good to just get out and run.

Pre-Making The Cut I had a yummy snack

Cinnamon Banana

Banana covered in Cinnamon.

Once upon a time I thought I didn’t like cinnamon, turns out that I don’t like sugary cinnamon like cinnamon buns and cinnamon toast crunch cereal, but that I LOVE just plain old cinnamon…. mmmm…

After workout part one I had lunch

goat cheese salad

A spinach, goat cheese (1 ounce), tomato salad with some balsamic vinegar…

roasted mushrooms and potato

And Roasted red potatoes and mushrooms!

random lunch

Is there anything better than roasted mushrooms? It was a weird thing to want after such a hot and sweaty workout but for some reason I just wanted potatoes.

I used to avoid potatoes because of the bad rep they got along with white rice, white bread, white pasta, etc and would only eat sweet potatoes. But the thing is potatoes are like enriched white grains that have been stripped of their nutrients, they totally unprocessed and full of goodness :) 

After lunch I may or may not have taken a nap before going running. Clearly I need to adapt my workout philosophy… I’m not sure that start exercise, eat, nap, finish exercise is really how its supposed to be done hahaha. I told you its been a relaxing day 🙂