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Good Morning!

This morning I woke up so hungry I felt like my stomach was eating itself. I usually wait a little while to eat breakfast since I’m up so early. If I eat breakfast at 5:30 or 6, I want lunch at 10, and dinner at 3 and it just throws off my whole schedule. On mornings like this I usually just grab a small granola bar or a few bits of something


Today it was half of a Harvest Spice Crunchy Granola Bar. These are exactly like the old school Nature Valley Granola Bars I used to eat all the time when I was younger only they flavor is way more awesome and it has fun stuff in it like flax 🙂

Breakfast was inspired by Lisa, I wasn’t really feeling oats today and an egg sandwich sounded amazing..


Ezekiel bread spread with laughing cow wedge, 2 egg whites (microwave style), and 1 dippy egg on top. I munch on this while maintenance  was fixing the bathroom door. So glad that’s taken care of!

So here’s the ugly truth – after about 2-3 weeks of slacking on my workouts, eating out way more than usual with family, and just generally indulging in things like Easter candy and wine way more than usual I’m finding that my clothes are feeling a weee bit tight noticeably tight and uncomfortable.

I did end up weighing myself to see the lb difference, but what I want to focus on most right now is how my clothes fit. I think my biggest problems right now are my workout boredom, specifically with strength training and the general lack of it, and over indulging in treats and portion sizes.

To help me get back into my normal eating pattern I’m going to go back to calorie counting for a little while. I do not plan to restrict myself in any way, If I want something, anything, I’m going to have it. I just want to be more aware about what I’m actually eating so I can help myself balance my diet out a little bit better.

As far as workouts go, I’m pulling out this baby…


I’ve had this book for a few months but never committed to the “30 days.” The workouts look intense, but interesting. I’ve never really done circuit style workouts and I’m interested to see how my body will respond. The workouts aren’t every day so I still plan to run about 3-4 days a week, probably keeping the mileage pretty low (like 10-12) miles/week.

Since I already pretty much know what works for my body and what I like to eat I won’t be following the meal plans. I’ve never really done well with meal plans, I’m too spontaneous with what I like to eat and when, plus restrictions usually=rebellions

I’m not trying to use this 30 day program as a “quick fix” to fit into my jeans. My main goals are to learn to workout more intensely and  to incorporate strength training into my routine. Hopefully over the long haul these things will help me fit into my jeans and lose a few lbs.

So that’s that I guess! Bring it on Jillian!

I always love having a solid plan even if I’m not really great about exactly following the plan. I’ll probably end up modifying the workout schedule… and heck probably the workouts themselves too   🙂 But at least I have a plan!