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I had to pick Navy guy up bright and early from his ship this morning. Since we knew we were  already  going to be up and out we planned to head straight to the park for a nice run.

On the way I sipped on some coffee with almond milk and half of a cliff bar


Chocolate Mint – my favorite flavor

The run itself was really weird. I had worked out pretty late last night and planned to take it nice and easy on the run… well after the first mile I looked down and my pace was over a minute slower than what my easy pace and almost 2 minutes off f my race pace. I was floored! I guess that’s why I don’t like running first thing in the AM, my legs must not have been awake yet.

The Run

  • Total Distance: 3 miles
  • Time: 33:50
  • Average Pace: 11:15 Goal Pace: 11:15


  • Mile 1 – 12:18 (holy crap)
  • Mile 2 -  11:05
  • Mile 3 – 10: 23

So overall everything ended up great and the average pace was exactly what my goal pace was for today, but what a weird run! The first mile felt pretty normal, I had NO IDEA we were going so much slower than planned. The second mile felt great, I really felt “in the groove” and the last mile was pretty hard. We finished the last half on a steady incline and I was pushing hard. It was so nice to just get outside and run.

We were surprised, and excited, to find out that a huge EarthFair was starting right as we were finishing up running. We headed back to the car for some water and a snack…



… then walked around the awesome fair for a little while.


The fair was full of booths related to recycling, saving animals, saving water, saving energy, and/any kind of Earth Friendly stuff. There were a few places with free samples, like Cliff bar!

IMG_0558 IMG_0556

I tried blueberry and cherry pom, 2 flavors I’ve been wanting to try but afraid to commit to. The cherry pom was really yummy! I’ll probably be buying that one soon 🙂

There was one booth/bus/truck thing in particular that caught my eye right away.


Chobani yogurt! Unfortunately it wasn’t open! I managed to walk by it about 3 different times with no luck. But it was ok because after some searching we found something just as exciting.


  Fage samples!  Navy guy tried their full fat version with a strawberry topping and I swear it tasted like cheesecake 🙂 Although I’ve never tried chobani, I have bought Fage several times and love, love, love it. The problem is that its 3x more expensive than the yogurt I normally get 😦

There were so many awesome things I wanted to get like really cool looking cups made from old wine/liquor/beer bottles and beautiful reusable glass water bottles. I did end up buying a reusable sandwich bag though 🙂

IMG_0582 IMG_0584


I use plastic sandwich bags all the time! I pack a lunch almost everyday and I’m always sticking a snack in my purse. I always feel so wasteful especially since sometimes my food spends less than an hour in the bag and then just gets tossed. I think this pouch will be perfect for me 🙂

I couldn’t believe how big this whole fair was. We walked around for abut 2.5 hours and still only saw maybe 1/2 of the whole fair. We were both kind of tired and hungry so we decided to head on home for lunch and a nap… but before we made it to the car victory was ours….


Chobani yummies. I was expecting to either pay for it or just get a small sample, but we got the whole thing free. I tried the raspberry and it was really good, but too sweet for me as a regular everyday yogurt. I’m so used to eating my yogurt plain so instead of mixing it all together (the fruit is on the bottom) I just dipped little bits into the flavor and really enjoyed it that way. I’m really glad I got to try this brand out before buying it. Its very good, but I think I’ll be sticking to plain.

I love free samples! Like today I tried 2 new flavors of cliff bar and found one I’ll probably start buying and I also saved money buy trying flavored chobani that I now know I probably won’t want to buy. I have to admit though I have taken free samples in the past with absolutely no intention of buying the product.

How do you feel about samples? Do you feel guilty after sampling something and then not buying it or liking it? Funny story: I tried a sample one day and just didn’t like it at all and the lady got really pissy with me and my friend when we walked away without buying anything.I think she thought we were lying and just wanted the samples, but it just did not taste good.