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The highlight of last night definitely had to be my dinner



Leftover Goat Cheese, spinach, and wild mushroom on whole wheat crust pizza from Sammy’s.

I usually don’t get pizza from Sammy’s but I will dare to say that this was the best pizza I have ever had in my life.


I had some broccoli and carrots topped with red pepper flakes and sesame seeds on the side. Having the extra veggies on the side helped the filling factor a lot. Usually 2 pieces of pizza keeps me full for about 2 minutes, but this dinner kept me satisfied almost all night.

A few hours later I satisfied my sweet tooth with some cereal in a mug….


Berry Burst Cheerios (some how I managed a pour that included like 1 berry) with 1/2 cup of almond milk. Hit the spot perfectly and kept my night time munching at bay.

Now comes the tricky part. I think that emotional health is just as important as physical health and nutritional health when it comes to living a healthy life. When I decided to start living healthier, looking on the bright side, staying positive, and emotionally healthy was the first step for me and eventually I realized that all 3 are sort of dependent on each other.

I don’t really hesitate to blog about slipping up nutritionally or slacking on a workout, but I really hate sounding negative or being a debbie downer when it comes to how I feel emotionally. But the reality is that living Brightly for me means accepting my emotions as they are and not ignoring them. Ignoring my emotions helped get me to the saddest and unhealthiest point in my life and I refuse to let that happen again.

I wish I had had my blog back then and I think I’m going to do a post eventually about all that and how I changed and everything. In the meantime here is the cliff notes version: Navyguy left for deployment and about the same time I developed a hip injury that forced me to stop running for a few weeks. Instead of dealing with how I was feeling I turned to eating and sometimes even drinking. My injury healed, but I didn’t start running again. I was in my last semester of college, aka stressed. I gained about 20 pounds.

Last night the same hip pain returned on the same hip and over the next month I won’t be seeing much of Navyguy. So the moral of this story is: I am pretty bummed.

On the bright side: there are definitely some huge differences here. A) This is not deployment yet and I should be happy about that, there are tons of wives out there dealing with so much more. B) I am more aware of how to treat my body when its hurting. C) I have way more tools and knowledge about how to stay healthy and positive now than any other time in my life.

Just because I left things get away from me and gained 20lbs last time does not mean it will happen again.

I need to figure out what is really going on with my hip, what hurt it, what is going to make it hurt more, what kind of exercise I should or can be doing right now. Last time I got injured all I was doing was run/walking and lunges. This time I was running 2 –3 miles a few times a week plus Making the Cut (day 2 had some hip challenging moves, plus super high incline runs).

My game plan is to lay off of running for a day or 2 and finish up with week 1 of Making the cut without workout 2. If I try and it hurts, I might have to call it quits on the cut for right now. I will do anything I can to not have to give up running 4-6 weeks like last time. Starting back at square 1  with running is probably the most brutal and defeating idea right now for me.

On the bright side: I will have a lot of free time coming up so I’ll be able to fit in extra walks and other fun, lower impact exercise. Plus maybe this will be a really great opportunity for me to get back in the pool 🙂

I’m trying to keep my mood positive by doing extra little things that make me smile like having awesome comforting breakfast with beautiful flowers…


Chocolaty Peanut Butter Oats

and spending extra time outside. For me, staying cooped up when I’m bummed is a sure-fire way to snow ball the bad feelings. Today all laptop activity is happening on the porch in the sunlight 🙂 Plans also include a walk, a trip to the library for a new book, grocery shopping (complete with new and improved grocery list), and cooking a new recipe for dinner. Today will be a bright and sunny day in Kat-ville, crappy hip or not!

ahh haha ok sorry for being overly cheesy. Hope this post wasn’t too crazy.

Is emotional health a priority for you? do you have a harder time talking about feeling down?