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I took yesterday completely off because my hip was hurting even worse yesterday. Today, after 2 days off, its feeling a lot better and actually the pain is almost gone so I’m taking that as a sign that the off time was a good thing.

The only downside, or more weird side? is that I swear I’ve been about twice as hungry as usual these past couple of days. Today was the worst, I just felt like no matter what I ate I was hungry just an hour or 2 later. I did make a few less than stellar decisions that may have added to the on going hunger…

  1. Breakfast was just 2 eggs. I planned on eating more but it just never happened. Not eating a substantial breakfast usually leaves me hungrier throughout the day.
  2. I had a small lunch and a smoothies, so basically I was drinking most of my calories. Drinking calories usually does nothing to help keep my hunger at bay.
  3. I skimped on the water drinking. For me, the less water I drink the more I tend to eat.

I tried to fight it at first, but in the end I just went with it and tried to give my body wholesome and nutritious foods to calm the hunger. Because I was actually hungry it doesn’t bother me that I ate 500-700 calories more than usual, but I do think that its odd that I’ve been hungrier without intense workouts. shouldn’t it be the opposite?

Tomorrow I’m going to pay more attention and make smarter choices at my meals to hopefully help keep my hunger in check and if that doesn’t work then I guess I will just have to accept that my body wants extra food right now.

I’m planning on hitting up spin class for my first day back tomorrow. I’m thinking that they lower impact will be better to start off with instead of jumping straight back into running and tons of lunges Jillian Michaels style.

Does your hunger level change based on your workout schedule? Do you try to stick to your normal eats or do you eat more when you have extra hungry days?

Fun Eats of the Day

IMG_0614 IMG_0611

Gross-looking Brown Goopy Smoothie featuring frozen cherries, dates, unsweetened cocoa, and kale. AHmazing.

(boring leftover chicken pita on the side. Actually eating the lemon made it a lot less boring)


Snack of Kings. Triscuits, Vermont Sharp Cheddar, Tomatoes. carrots on the side.


Snack of Kings Round 2. Yogurt In the Container featuring some cheerios, banana, and kiwi.


New Dinner Combo featuring leftover chicken thigh, brown rice, chick peas (thought I hated them, turns out I’m in love), peas, mushrooms, and zucch with curry powder, possibly a new fav.

For accountability sake, I went back for seconds of rice and had about 4 servings of cheerios and almond milk in a mug because I was starving a few hours after dinner. Maybe a few extra triscuits as well 🙂

Happy Story of the Day


Ms. Sneaky Pants the Kitty (aka Sami) managed to get out on the porch today and start chomping down on one of the calla lily plants out there. About 20 minutes later she threw up and a quick google search told me that lilies are super toxic for cats. I called the vet asap and was told there was nothing I could do but to bring her in a couple of days and they would check to see if her liver was failing! Well Sami must have an awesome vet because she called a few hours later to talk to me personally, it turns out that calla lilies aren’t really part of the lily family and in most cases aren’t harmful at all! So really nothing was ever really wrong, but after thinking for awhile that I might lose Sami I was so incredibly happy to hear the good news 🙂