Sorry for the lack of regular posting lately, lots of things have been going on around here and I’ve been unusually busy. Everything has settled down now but there might be some big news popping up in the future (hopefully really soon)!

I’m the kind of person that tends to get really excited really quickly about an idea before actually figuring out the details so I’m going to try not to make a big deal about anything until things are more definite. I’d hate to have to come back and say that something so exciting isn’t really happening so without being too specific, we’ll find out soon when/where we are moving, I might be going back to school, and I might have gotten an amazing offer that will most definitely cure that racing itch.

Big things that are definitely happening soon are traveling back to the east coast for a wedding. This more just a big deal because I’m a nervous flyer.  Any tips on overcoming an irrational fear of turbulence??? I used to be totally fine about flying but ever since flying through a pretty bad storm I haven’t been able to shake this anxiety.


My eats and workouts lately have been totally blah. I have not been committing a good amount of time or effort to either. Food has mostly been eaten out, snacked on, or just sort of randomly thrown together and all mixed in with a little bit too much wine and desserts.


Workouts were on the down low because of the hip but I am super happy to say that I went on my first run today totally pain free! I was aiming for 3 but got a little too aggressive with my pace on a mile long hill and ended up with 2.1 – hey I gotta start somewhere.