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I have been a total scatter brain all day. Its probably just because I haven’t been sleeping well recently, or at least I hope that’s the reason… and that there is actually a reason haha.

For lunch I kind of did the throw-whatever-I-see-into-a-wrap thing and came up with this


In the wrap:

  • 1/4 small avocado
  • 1/2 cucumber
  • salsa
  • sprouts
  • some tahini
  • garlic and herb light laughing cow wedge

Random huh? I was worried that it was going to be a little too random but surprisingly it worked!

I don’t think I’ve ever professed my love for tahini, but seriously, its amazing. 3 years ago I studied abroad in Cyprus and had something with tahini on it probably at least once a week or more. I just found out like a couple of months ago that I could buy it in the grocery store.. haha I just never thought to look! Well the price turned me off for awhile but yesterday I finally caved and will be having Tahini parties probably everyday for the rest of the week haha. I cannot wait to make some hummus!

I guess I wasn’t really hungry because I only ended up eating half the wrap and then headed out to do some errands. I decided it would be genius to pack my running gear with me and head to one of my favorite parks for a run after I got everything done since I was not feeling a hill run today (the only kind of run I can do by my apt) and the park was on my way home.


I snacked on a new (to me) cliff zbar flavor – honey graham – for some pre-run fuel. I think this is now my favorite zbar flavor. Perfect for when I need a snack but don’t want a full belly.


So anyway I get to the park and go to grab my bag to change only to realize that I don’t have my gym bag with me. I left everything sitting on my couch at home. Bummer!

I came home, scarffed the other half of my wrap plus some yogurt and pumpkin mix.


PS. I promise I actually own bowls. mugs are just better 🙂

Now all I want to do is nap, read, make dinner, and drink wine. I know I should go for that run but I just feel so defeated. I’m thinking of making it an elliptical night and rescheduling the run for tomorrow AM, hopefully my brain will be in better working order.