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I feel like I have been seriously lacking in the creativity department recently. My meals have been totally blah, when I look into the fridge/freezer/pantry I’m not getting any inspiration.

This may sound like a really weird theory, but I almost feel like the fact that my apt looks like a bomb went off is a big reason my creativity/energy/motivation is taking a nose dive. For some reason I feel like the mess and clutter is messing up my mojo. Haha, I tried a Cliff Mojo bar yesterday – awesome btw – and now the word Mojo is coming out of my mouth left and right.

Anyway, I didn’t take any pics of my food yesterday just because they were down right boring. I’ve been living off of cliff bars, bland sandwiches, and even my first BAD tasting green monster (seriously, it tasted like grass and I have no idea why)!! Usually I’m all about sharing the good, the bad, and the ugly,but I guess I should add bland and boring to that list?

On the Bright Side:

A) I’ve been totally loving the Unsweetened Baker’s Chocolate + Dried Fruit Combo, which I think is at least a tad bit creative haha.


Maybe I can get a little more creative with this and actually make something out of it.

B) I had a pretty great run on Wednesday at the park, totally redeeming myself for that whole leaving my gym bag at home and skipping out on my run thing from the other day…


Finished 3.5 miles, and almost stuck to my goal pace. I’ve been trying to work on working in some “slow/easy” or “recovery” type runs into my routine, which I hope to eventually turn into “long slow runs”. I’ve been having a hard time slowing down and running for longer distances, I end up just running as fast as I can and burning out before 3 miles. I was aiming for an 11:40 and ending up finishing at an 11:30 pace 🙂

C) is for Colleen! My best friend who has decided to run her first Marathon!!!! Malone Barnes WeddingShe is currently going to grad school up in Boston and will be training with a group of friends who want to qualify for the Boston marathon! She is so excited and I am so excited for her, so when she asked if I wanted to join in… how could I say no? This is a big part of the “big things” that I wanted to keep secret, but I just couldn’t take it any more. I am so excited (and slightly terrified) to start training and I just want to talk about it!

We’re both from Maryland and wanted to pick a race close to home so that our friends and families would be able to come and support us. Right now we’ve narrowed it down to the Baltimore Marathon (Oct 16) or the SunTrust Richmond Marathon (Nov 13).

Now I’m just on the lookout for some good training programs. I’m really on the fence about whether I should spend money on a good one or just sort of compile my own from internet resources. Or maybe I should stop playing around on the computer and go out for a run? Haha… Actually I think I need to do a little cleaning first. Kitchen, prepare to be dominated!

PS. just so there is no confusion, I have/will have absolutely nothing to do with Boston qualifying insanity. I think its amazing and I totally admire anyone who does or even just trains and tries to qualify, but I am a slow poke 🙂 and I like it that way, or at least I have come to terms with it haha.

Any training advice? Have you ever run a Marathon before? Do you ever want to run a Marathon?