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I think I might be coming down with something. Even though I slept a solid 8 hours last night, I had a really hard time waking up and getting out of bed this morning. I decided I needed a little pick-me-up so I started to make some Mocha Latte Oats and right in the middle of cooking I started to feel crampy and nauseous. Bleh.

I decided to save the oats for tomorrow morning an have some toast instead.


Sesame Ezekiel with a smear of peanut butter and 1/2 a banana. Plus another piece of toast and PB an hour or so later.

I had planned out a fun and spicy themed lunch in honor of Cinco De Mayo, but my stomach turned at the thought of it, so I think I’m gonna roll with some white bean and cabbage soup I found in the depths of my freezer.




Soup + toast + banana packed and ready to go.

Toast, crackers, veggie/broth soups, and bananas are my go to "upset tummy” foods. It may not be the healthiest option, but I will forever stand by a can of Campbell’s chicken noodle soup and a sleeve of saltine crackers… there might be a grocery stop in my future…

I think if this keeps up I’m going to have to skip out on spin class tonight.