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Good news: I feel a lot better today

I’m not feeling nauseous anymore, but I still didn’t have much of an appetite and kind of felt cruddy/drained all day. I want to call this my “sick food” but I’ll be honest, it was all about comfort..





… how did those get in there!

I totally meant…


So… I guess its no secret why my energy has been on the downside. I know when I’m feeling sick its probably even more important to be getting in lots of fresh foods, fruits, and veggies for all the nutrients and funk busting vitamins, but seriously all I want is crackers and soup (and generally not the healthy kind, as shown). Maybe one day I’ll learn.

My other favorite comfort when I’m feeling sick – a good book.


The past 2 days have been downers, but I’m definitely on the up and will probably be back 100% tomorrow. We all have down days right? Besides,


These guys are calling my name.

Are there any foods or things you turn to for comfort when you’re feeling sick? when its my tummy its always crackers, canned soup, and a book.