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Good Morning!


(or probably afternoon for most of you :))I was greeted by this lovely lily this morning. I think that means its going to be a good week.

I had a really busy weekend that involved lots of good friends, great food, very little exercise, and probably more than my fair share of beer. Sure, I could have planned better, but I had a great weekend.

I did get in one killer workout. I hit the track for my first speed session in a long time the other day. I started out with a 3 lap warm up at a very easy pace, followed by 4×400 with 400 rest in between, ending with a 3 lap cool down. Usually I do 2 lap warm up and cool down with 6×400, but since it had been so long I figured it would be best to work my way back up. Sadly I had forgotten to charge my Garmin and it died right before I started the cool down so I don’t know my time, but total distance was 3.25 miles.

After the track I went in for a quick weight session that has left me sore for 3 days! I did assisted push ups (push ups on a bar about hip height), assisted dips, shoulder press, and planks. Not a whole lot, but right now my main goal is simply just to get into the habit of strength training on a regular basis.

This morning I was really looking forward to having that awesome pear/cottage cheese/raw oats combo for breakfast!


Sadly I was out of cottage cheese so I settled for yogurt with some honey instead. Cottage cheese is definitely the winner, but I still really enjoyed this breakfast 🙂

Today is going to be pretty busy and I have no idea what I should do as far as a workout goes today. Sometimes I have a hard time planning workouts when I’m not training for anything, I get this mental block where I’m like “ok I know I need to workout today, but what should I do?” 

For me the key is planning specific time to go workout even if I don’t know what I’m going to do, otherwise I’m way more likely to just skip the workout altogether.