I am still super new to the blogging world. My blog is less than 3 months old and I have to confess, I just sort of jumped right in. I had sort of a vague idea of where I wanted to go with it, but I figured most of it I would just figure out a long the way and that that would be the fun part.

Recently I’ve been going back and forth a lot about what I think I should blog about vs what I really want to blog about vs what is just plain going on in my life and on my mind at the time. The fact of the matter is, I’m just not 100% sure where I want things to go and I’ve sort of been letting that hold me back. I am by no means whatsoever giving up on the blog, I absolutely love the blog, but I just wanted to sort of explain a little I guess.

Over the past 3 weeks I’ve been a little down in the dumps and stressed because Navyguy has been off doing his Navy thing. Its been impacting me emotionally a lot, but I was struggling with the safety aspect of blogging about him being gone (I know I’m kind of paranoid). I wasn’t quite sure where to draw the line but at the same time I figured it would get pretty annoying to read blog after blog about emotions and stress with seemingly no reason behind it. So over the past couple of days I’ve done a lot of thinking and actually a little bit of planning (surprising for me haha) and I’m hoping I’ve got things a least sort of figured out, at least for now, its all a learning process right?

Exciting things to look forward to:

  • The return of Navyguy!
  • a fun-filled trip to Maryland
  • a wedding
  • hopefully the official word on the possible Marathon
  • hopefully the official word on the upcoming Navy move
  • and 3 weeks worth of laundry because I just got my broken washing machine replaced today!!! plus packing. Oh how I love packing. (except not really).

I can’t promise a regular blogging schedule because the next couple of days are going to be jam packed and then I’m not 100% sure about the internet situation I’ll be having in MD, but I do promise not to drop off the face of the Earth 🙂