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*this post is from last night, I was fighting with my internet and couldn’t post it until this morning*

I had to grab lunch sort of on the run today. Honestly it was mostly poor planning on my part but things ended up working out well. I was lucky to be able to swing by my apt and grab something to eat.

On the way I munched on a couple of cookies.


These are Kashi soft-baked oatmeal dark chocolate cookies and they are amazing. I had a serious cookie craving the other night and picked these up on a whim pretty much with the mentality that at least they were “healthier” cookies. The amazing thing about these cookies is that I actually felt full after eating 2. Usually I can eat cookies until I have a tummy ache and still not feel satisfied, must be the oatmeal.

My actual lunch was ready and gone in less than 5 minutes.


I heated up a frozen leftover turkey burger, topped with 1/4 of an avocado,  and had my first ever lettuce “bun”


I was worried that the "bun” wouldn’t hold up or that everything would just fall out, but it actually worked better than some real buns. It made it super easy for me to eat quickly, which I needed to do.

Dinner was actually on the run as well, I didn’t have to eat out but I was starving and don’t really have much to work with at home since I’m traveling in just a couple of days. I ended up getting a 6 inch veggie delight from subway with a bag of baked chips. I left my camera in the car and honestly was way to hungry to get it before eating lol. I’m not a huge subway fan because I think its just as easy to make their stuff, or something better, at home, but that sandwich really hit the spot tonight!

So recently I haven’t been running at all. I actually think its been almost or maybe over a week since the last time I ran. My body has been super tired recently and mentally I have just not been excited to workout out at all. I’m thinking that maybe I’m having some nerve issues about marathon training. Its like in the back of my mind I’m thinking “marathon training is going to be tough and exhausting so just rest while you can.” But I know logically that is completely counterintuitive. To train for a marathon I need to be strong! I can’t back down before I even start!

I’m thinking I need a game plan to help settle my nerves and boost my confidence. Ideally for the next 2 months or so until I start focusing on marathon training I’d like to:

  • Run no more than 3x a week, about 9-12 miles a week
  • Run at 1 speed workout a week
  • strength train 2-3 times a week focusing on hip, core, and upper body strength so that my body is strong and as prepared as possible for the long distances
  • Get back into regular yoga to focus on my breathing and mental stamina

I feel like I have a tendency to back down/withdraw myself when I know something big is coming. That is definitely something I’d like to work on because I think it puts a damper on my confidence and just ends up causing more anxiety. Hopefully having a game plan with help.

On the bright side: I scored a pair of running shorts and a sports bra from old navy today for $6.50 total!


I love funky colored sports bras 🙂

Extra on the Bright Side: Navyguy comes home tomorrow!!!