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After 4 weeks this guy finally came home last night:)


Don’t get me wrong, I totally understand that it wasn’t deployment and that it could have been much worse, but that doest mean it wasn’t still pretty tough. I am so happy to have him home!

He requested dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, Sammy’s Woodfired Pizza. Normally we don’t get appetizers and normally I don’t get pizza, but we were both starving and I’ve been on some crazy cheese kick recently so it worked out really well. (sorry for the poo like pictures, I have a very simple camera and there was very little light)

We started with the mini duck tacos.


From the menu: Duck fillet topped with feta cheese, tomato, cabbage and creamy tomato-cilantro sauce.

The a lot different than I expected based on the description, but still really tasty. I know a lot of people who are really uncomfortable with the idea of eating duck, but I grew up with it. The meat is very dark and rich and delicious.


I had 2 little tacos, plus copious amounts of unphotoed bread.

For my meal I chose the Prosciutto Pizza on whole wheat crust.


It was topped with prosciutto, artichoke hearts, green onion, garlic, and fontina cheese. It was good, but I think that the goat cheese and mushroom and/or the brie truffle pizza are still my number ones.


I had 2 pieces and then snacked on another one cold a few hours later 🙂

This morning started bright and early, and I was not bright-eyed nor bushy tailed. I grabbed a really quick breakfast,


Ezekiel toast with goat cheese and some smoked salmon. Now I am seriously contemplating a trip to Starbucks.

I have tons of laundry and packing to do, we’re leaving to visit home tomorrow. I really don’t like packing and I always leave it to the last minute.