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That is what my run felt like today. I set off for what I hoped to be a quick and easy 3 mile run this morning. The first mile went by pretty good, I was maintaining an 11:30 min mile pace and was ok with that. I haven’t really been running very consistently lately so I wasn’t expecting to go out there and totally wow myself or anything. The next half mile was where it started to get tough, all of a sudden my legs felt like bags of sand and I couldn’t really keep my breathing steady, then the half mile after that I was struggling to maintain about a 12:09 pace. I called it quits at the 2 mile mark and did some mostly walking with a few jogging intervals the 1.5 miles back home.

I guess there are lost of reasons why my run didn’t turn out so great. I haven’t been hydrating very well, I haven’t been eating as well as I should be, and my exercise has been terribly inconsistent. But with all that in mind, sometimes runs (or any workout) just don’t go as expected. I’m not going to let this run discourage me!

Pre run I had 1/2 of a crunchy granola bar and post run I had my “real” breakfast.


2 eggs + 1 egg white, roasted mushrooms, and leftover vegetarian baked beans. The baked beans are a little high in sugar to eat on a regular basis but the combo of eggs and beans was very filling and sustaining, I’m going to have to find another bean/egg combo for breakfasts.

For lunch I tried something new – canned salmon. I love smoked salmon but its pretty pricey so I wanted to try canned as an alternative.


I had it with a little bit of smart balance mayo, chopped celery, and tomato on top of Ezekiel toast. Not as life changing as smoked salmon, but definitely tasty! The only thing that turned me off was that it was super salty. Oh don’t be surprised when you open the can and its totally white like tuna and not pink like you’d expect salmon to be – because I was haha. On the side I had some steamed sugar snap peas and watermelon. yum!

I’ve been sipping on decaf peppermint green tea today and its been wonderful. I used to drink tea daily and somewhere along the lines just sort of stopped. Hopefully its a habit that will be making a comeback because right now I can’t believe I ever stopped, plus my tea collection is taking up almost an entire shelf in the kitchen and I’m thinking I should probably try to use some of it up and cut back a little 🙂