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Yesterday I was having one of those zero energy head-in-a-total-fog-all-day kind of days and all I kept thinking was “its ok tomorrow is Friday.”

I decided to trade in my planned workout for some yoga in hopes of clearing my head and getting some more energy. I picked up the Yogaworks Fit Abs DVD a couple months ago because it was only $8, it looked more challenging than my current yoga DVD (which was starting to get really boring), and the pose on the cover looked pretty cool 🙂


I’ve never been one to buy a workout DVD and do it everyday as a specific workout program, I usually use DVDs in a pinch when I don’t have time to go to the gym, when I’m bored and want to throw something new into the mix, or I want to do something like yoga or kickboxing and can’t make it to a real class.

The number one thing I’ve learned about picking out DVDs is to ignore most of what the cover claims – its just there to catch your eye and make the thing sell. I knew when I picked up the Fit Abs DVD that I wasn’t going to “melt inches from my waist” or get “sculpted abs” (all claims made on the back cover).


The actual workout: It starts off with a bunch of sun salutations (lots o’ planks), includes some warrior poses (but not a lot), ends with a good amount of floor poses.

Positives: Personally, I liked the pace. For me it was quick enough that I didn’t get bored and was able to stay focused, and it was slow enough that I didn’t feel rushed and had to challenge my muscles to keep form. I thought the breathe cues were great. I liked that there was some focus on core strength but that it wasn’t sole focus. By the end my super tight hips and quads were feeling loose and open, my head was definitely more focused, I was feeling energized, and the day after I’m feeling the good kind of sore in my core.


Negatives:  I would have liked more balance poses. It wasn’t as great as an actual face to face yoga class, but I didn’t really expect it to be. I did expect there to be a few more advanced poses since the DVD wasn’t advertised as beginner, but it was basically beginner level. The pose on the cover wasn’t in the DVD at all! I’m used to ignoring cover claims but I was not expecting the pose to just be part of the marketing scheme. That was a bummer. Not that it had anything to do with the workout itself being good or bad or anything… just a bummer.

Overall: At the end I was feeling stretch, strong, more clear headed than when I started, and more energized – basically everything I expected from 40 minutes of yoga. Its nothing super special, but for $8 its great to have on hand for days like yesterday 🙂


How do you feel about exercise DVDs? I love them as back up plans but I have to admit that sometimes all the bogus and cheesy claims they make on their covers make me sort of embarrassed to have them. I wouldn’t want someone to think that I actually believe I’m going to drop 20lbs in 30 days or get a sculpted abs from my DVD collection.