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Apparently my last couple of posts never actually posted. I’m the complete opposite of a computer whiz so whatever was wrong could have been something as simple as the internet not being connected when I thought it was haha. I figured it’d be kind of awkward to backtrack and post the old post so I’m just going to jump ahead to today.

Congrats to all the San Diego Rock ’N Rollers!!!!!


This morning we grabbed a nice spot right around the halfway mark of the San Diego Marathon and watched some awesome running!

We got there just in time to catch the Elite Women zoom past



I am still amazed by how fast the were running. This was my first time watching a marathon so I had never seen such crazy running in person. Seriously, its crazy!

Navyguy was expecting so see a friend around the 2 hour mark and honestly I was worried that it was going to get kind of boring just watching people run. I am happy to say I was totally wrong.

Every could of minutes there was something fun to see and I had a blast just cheering and listening to the band that was playing.


This guy was Navyguy’s favorite.


Can you see the barefoot guy? I can’t imagine running 26.2 miles barefoot!



All pictures courtesy of Navyguy 🙂

After watching the marathon for a few hours we headed home and went for an awesome run took a nap. Haha hey it is Sunday and I did get up at 5am. But really after taking a nap I headed over to the gym and busted out my first long run! I was only 5 miles, but since I haven’t run more than 3 in a few months I want to build my mileage nice and slowly.

The Run:

  • Distance – 5 miles
  • Time – 57:50
  • Avg Pace – 11:34 / mile

I was actually dreading this run after how hard my 3 mile run was on Wednesday.  Well I guess (amazingly) my body got over whatever it was so upset about because today’s run was pretty great. I’m actually starting to feel like I’m ready to train for a marathon and its a pretty good feeling 🙂

I finally finished my marathon training plan, it will probably end up changing completely over the course of the next couple of weeks while I get a feel for what kind of schedule I like best, but I’ll post it soon. I’d love to get some feedback!

Navyguy requested P.F. Changs for dinner tonight. We started with his favorite appetizer,


Steamed Shrimp dumplings x3, I was kind of starving.

I’m usually really bad with moderation at Changs because the portion sizes are so huge, so tonight I decided to order sides instead of an entree.


Wonton Soup x 2 (its a really small bowl)


Sichuan Asparagus and onions. I seriously could have eaten about 4 plates of this, I can’t believe I’ve never had it before. I need to learn how to make Sichuan sauce asap. So good!

We took our party over to Yogurtland, the most amazing self serve frozen yogurt you will ever meet, and then called it a night. Perfect way to end the weekend 🙂