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First I just wanted to share last nights dinner because it is still making me smile.

spinach salad with tahini

Spinach salad topped with mushrooms, avocado, and tahini thinned with water.

seasoned pork and fries

Sweet Potato fries, and the star of the show – slow cooked pork! sorry for the blluuurrr.

salad, pulled pork, sweet potato fries

I threw it in the crock pot with some grilling mesquite seasoning I picked up from a friend along with a little cayenne. It was by far the best “pulled pork” I’ve made so far. I loved how satisfying this meal was, for the first time in weeks I wasn’t fighting off the urge to snack all night long, I was just satisfied 🙂


I did have some cherries for dessert though 🙂

So last night a little after dinner Navy guy and I went to the gym for a little weight lifting action. There was definitely some funny business going on at the gym last night! I think it was because the rec room (where most people go for wireless) was being occupied by some election polling, but things  were not as usual.

There were 2 guys taking up the only 2 bikes literally just sitting on them with laptops and watching tv. Not even pretending to work out. Then a little later on this brigade of children show up like the gym is the coolest playground ever. Ok, maybe there were only 4 kids, but its a very small gym and they all had to be under the age of 9 and 2 of them had to be about 5.

I got VERY uncomfortable. Its not that I don’t like kids, but I just don’t like kids playing with ellipticals, treadmills,  heavy weights , and running around getting in the way of people using those things. I was terrified someone was going to get seriously hurt. Someone actually attempted to get them to stop and leave but they just threw a butt load of attitude back claiming they knew what they were doing and  that their mom said it was ok. It was a bad situation. I always have a hard time making judgment calls with kids I have no relation to, what are you supposed to do? I’ve seen a lot of parents that do not take kindly to strangers telling their children what to do.

Luckily a Dad finally came in, made them leave, and apologized to everyone. I thought that very cool of him. I was honestly starting to get worried that the parents actually thought it was ok for the kids to play in the gym but really I’m just glad no one got hurt. Maybe I’m over reacting, but I really was nervous the whole time.

But on the bright side,  thinking about kids and playgrounds and gyms made me think about how great a workout kids get playing on actual playgrounds. Climbing up ladders, monkey bars, crawling through tunnels, I think it might be really fun to plan an outdoor workout at a playground. Gyms may be playgrounds for adults only, but are playgrounds gyms for children only?  I used to get a great workout when I worked a summer camp and chased kids all around the playgrounds.  I would never use playground equipment if it meant taking it away from kids that were using it, but there are some sweet sets of monkey bars at a nearby park that are always vacant. Maybe I can try it out this weekend 🙂

Would you incorporate playground equipment into a workout or is that just plain silly?