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I don’t know what hit me last night but when I sat down at the computer to blog I literally could not keep my eyes open so I called it a night. Sleep = glorious.

Quick recap of yesterdays eats,

mushroom egg scramble coffee with milk

1 egg, 2 egg white, + mushroom scramble with a 1/4 of an avocado. Plus a banana that I ate while the eggs were cooking because I was starving for some reason. I also decided to bring back the joe. I quit for awhile because I like my coffee strong and having just one cup a day was messing with my sleep and making me anxious and jittery. Yesterday I tried 1/2 regular 1/2 decaf and love it.

salad and toast

Spinach, roasted red potato, kalamata olives, slivered almonds, and 2 tsp of tahini with a side of Ezekiel toast. I was really surprised at how long this small lunch kept me full. I am all about the healthy fats right now, they make my belly happy.

superfood odwalla bar

Snack – Superfood Odwalla bar. I needed something quick, but semi-substantial, to eat in the car on the way to Spin class.

Spin class kicked my butt! That’s probably why I was exhausted last night. I love Spin class, but I’m not a fan of working out hard for an hour at 5pm. By the time I got home I thought I was going to gnaw my arm off. Lets just say being tired from the workout and starving may have made me a tad bit cranky and I don’t think Navyguy appreciated it.

On the bright side: I went into Spin class in a pretty foul mood and left feeling a millionx better. I love what I good butt kicking in the gym does for my mood. I especially love spin for the fact that I can’t beat myself up if I’m not hitting a certain speed or making a certain mileage because there is no digital read out. I just work hard, sweat, and feel good.

I had actually planned out dinner and cooked most of in the crock pot ahead of time but then found out our apt complex was hosting free appetizers at a new restaurant down the street. As I’ve mentioned before I have a hard time turning down free food, so I packed up what I had cooked for another day and we walked down to Playa Grill.

Well it was sort of a mad house. The restaurant had a section reserved and would just randomly bring out plates of appetizer so it was kind of a free for all, and basically people were just being kind of rude. I love free food, but I refuse to fight for it.

playa grill chips and salsa

The chips and salsa on the other hand were brought to each party individually. So after losing a few opportunities to get some appetizers, Navy guy and I pretty much just settled in on the chips. The chips were seriously good!

Navyguy and I basically trashed 2 full baskets of chips 🙂 We did end up getting a small chicken taco at one point, but my dinner was basically a basket of chips, and it was good.

On the walk home we made a quick pit stop into Starbucks.

starbuck cookie

I had been having an intense chocolate chip cookie craving for a couple of days. My craving is now totally satisfied and I’m happy that I didn’t buy a whole package of cookies.

Definitely not the healthiest dinner but it was satisfying and for the second night in a row I didn’t feel the need to mindlessly snack or graze after dinner. That right there is a huge win for me.