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Last night a couple more switcheroos were pulled. I tend to be kind of bad about making plans and actually going out so I make it a point not to turn down an offer to hang out with friend. So we traded in our Thursday night for a Friday night and it looked a little something like this…

IMG_1119 IMG_1117

When I found out we were going to Rock Bottom Brewery I knew I was going to be drinking beer. I don’t know what it is, but I just love the beer there! Before I left I had a banana and cashew butter so I wouldn’t be starving when I got there and so I wouldn’t want to eat a ton of bar food on top of drinking.


I had 2 small pieces of this delicious pizza and a chicken wing 🙂 I was trying to be sneaky with the picture taking, there were a ton of people there and none of them know about the blog. It’s not that I mind telling people about it, I just didn’t really feel like it was the time or place, I just wanted to hang out and catch up 🙂

I was actually just about to head out for the gym when I heard the plans and knew I wouldn’t have time to finish the workout and be ready (aka showered) in time. I have to admit that for a split second after Navyguy asked if I wanted to go I thought “But we ate out last night AND I’ll have to skip my workout, I don’t think its a good idea.” But that only lasted for a split second and I’m glad it did. I had a rest day planned for Friday so I just decided to switch the rest day to yesterday.

We had  a really great time, got to meet some new navy friends, and had a chance to catch up with all the super busy Navy friends. I’m so glad we went!

So today is going to end up being a little bit more like a Thursday and a little bit less like a Friday, but that’s completely ok. On the plan is a quick and intense 2 mile run and some upper body and core strength training. I know a 2 mile run may not seem like much but I like using them as sort of a test to see improvement. I really try to push it as a hard as I can and it works as a great confidence booster right before starting in on higher mileage.

We probably won’t be going out to dinner like we tend to on Friday nights and I’m going to try, actually I’m kind of craving, to get in a bunch of veggies today. Its all about balance right?