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For the life of me I could not wake up this morning. I spent all morning and honestly most of the afternoon in a very zombie-like state. I wasn’t tired or sleepy really, I just felt like I never fully woke up all the way.

Breakfast was the highlight of my morning.waffles and mango

I think mangos are the best when they are slightly over ripe. I let my mangos get pretty soft and almost wrinkly and they are so good!

Usually a breakfast like that keeps me pretty satisfied but today I was starving maybe 2 hours later. I snacked on some of the grapefruit I sliced up last night but eventually I ended up just eating an early lunch.

easiest soup ever

Sorry for the lack of real dishware, I was still in zombie mode and starving so I pretty much ate straight from the microwave. I pulled out some leftover easiest-soup-ever but I beefed it up with an extra 1/2 cup of back beans and 1/4 of an avocado.

cheese quesadilla

Plus a small cheese and salsa quesadilla on the side. At first I thought maybe all the extra cheese was overkill but I’m happy now because its been almost 4.5 hours and I’m not super hungry like I normally am.

The Bright Side of my day: I found out today that Target carries foam rollers.

foam roller

I make a super quick trip over to Target this afternoon and came home with this guy. My legs have been feeling like lead recently and I had it stuck in my head that a foam roller would help me out. I know I might not have gotten the best quality from Target, but it was sort of a split second decision and high quality or not this thing feels great!

I’m off to figure out something for dinner and probably roll some more 🙂

Do you foam roll? How does it help you?