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Last night’s we had plans to go to one of our favorite restaurants with some family friends that are visiting from MD. Well the time difference was getting to them more than they anticipated so they asked to reschedule to today. It was no big deal at all, but Navyguy and I both sort of had our hearts set on Sammy’s for dinner so we decided to go anyway. Yes, that means we’re probably going to go again tonight. I had a bunch of reason in my head to justify this, but really none of them are very good haha. My game plan is that if we do eat out again tonight I’ll  stick with something light and cheap like an appetizer or small salad.

Last night we started out with the Hummus appetizer

hummus appetizer

There isn’t anything particularly amazing about this hummus, but for some reason I love ordering hummus at restaurants. The “grilled flat bread” is delicious but I’m pretty sure that’s because its drenched in oil.

hummus and flatbread Sammy's crackers

I usually only eat 1 piece of the flat bread and then use the crackers from the bread basket instead, which by the way are awesome crackers.

I was craving fish last night so I went with the Oak Roasted Salmon

oak roasted salmon

Asian salad, cucumber, edamame, and ponzu sauce. The salmon itself was great, but the portion was a little big. I have this thing where I don’t like to take home leftover fish because I never think it tastes good the next day, but I also hate wasting food, so I was overly stuffed and left a lot of the salad behind.

I think in the future I’ll just stick with the pizza and appetizer menu. The salmon wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t really anything special, the “Ponzu sauce” was pretty much just a very overpowering soy sauce. It was also my first time trying edamame and I think I was expecting something else, I thought they were really boring and sort of tasteless.

Navy guy on the other hand sort of hit the pizza jackpot.

Feta Manouri Pizza

“Feta Manouri Cheese: Mild Sheep Cheese from Macedonia, with orange blossom honey, fresh oregano”

I was pretty skeptical because I’ve had never heard of a mild feta before, to me feta is has a very strong flavor and I thought a whole pizza covered in it would be kind of gross. I also completely missed the honey part of the description so I was super surprised when I took a bite. It. Was. Amazing. I have never thought that the idea of honey and cheese together sounded good but I have been totally converted. So good.

The rest of the evening, to be honest, was kind of a downer. Short story even shorter is that some important pictures were lost from our SD card. We tried (aka Navyguy tried while I kind of pouted) for a couple of hours to recover the pictures but had no luck. I guess this is just one of those lessons in learning to just let go and another lesson in not putting off transferring important pictures to the computer because it takes what, 5 minutes? Right… about letting go…

On the Bright Side: Today is going to be a great day.