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I was totally ready to kick this cold to the curb but apparently it insists on sticking around. I tired to get up bright and early to get in a run but I just felt terrible and went back to sleep. I feel guilt, but I definitely needed the sleep and hopefully it will help me get rid of this cold faster.

Breakfast was on the lighter side since it was later and I had set plans for lunch.


Eggo nutrigrain waffle with cottage cheese and a pear.

For lunch NavyMom and I decided to explore and find a new place neither of had been to before. We settled on the really delicious sounding Tender Greens in Point Loma.



The menu was 100% organic and mostly salad based. Everything sounded so amazing it was really hard to pick what to have!

I ended going for a Simple Salad and a Soup combo


Potato Leek Soup (my all time favorite soup, I literally think my heart jumped a little when I saw it on the menu) with Basil Oil. IMG_1323


Spinach, Goat Cheese, and Hazelnut (seriously. whole hazelnuts!!. heart flutters.) in a cabernet vinaigrette.


Plus probably the best green tea I’ve ever had.

I don’t think I go to places like this often enough, Navyguy and I have a bunch of favorite places nearby that we tend to stick with but I’ve been trying to branch out more recently. This was definitely the best lunch I’ve had at a restaurant in a very long time. I was so impressed with everything. I’m kicking myself for not taking pictures of the inside because the roasted veggies looked aaaaahhmazing.

Tender Greens was definitely a great place to have lunch plus it was in a really beautiful little shopping center so it was a perfect place to hang out with NavyMom.




I got to take NavyMom to her first ever Trader Joes! We had a really nice afternoon and before I knew it it was already time to head over to the Navy party. Every couple of months the ship has a party to welcome any new people and say goodbye to people leaving. The parties are always really fun, but I was feeling so wiped out from my cold I was probably being a little bit of a downer.

For dinner a bunch of guys go together and rented a Taco Truck! I didn’t even know such things existed haha. It was actually kind of neat to see everything being made right there in front of me, at least it was fresh! It was especially cool to watch them making the tortillas.


I had 3 of these small tacos, 2 beef and 1 pork. They actually weren’t amazing but I was really into it because I like watching them make everything. Sorry for the lack of pictures I’m still sort of working up my courage to be really open about the blog in front of the Navy crowd.

I actually had this really strong feeling of guilt today for skipping another workout – I ended up crashing last night before I could even change into gym clothes.  I  normally don’t mind just doing lighter workouts when I have a cold but yesterday and today were both so busy that I was just totally exhausted and literally could not stay away during the times I had set aside to workout.

Usually I don’t feel guilty at all about taking rest days when I know I need them so I was really kind of shocked to feel so guilty today. I realized that maybe I was starting to get nervous about the marathon and getting behind in training. I was talking to it with Navyguy tonight and he gave me the best advice. He basically said that if I was going to have that kind of attitude about training for the marathon, and if I was going to worry that recovering from a cold was going to keep me from reaching my goal, that I was going to make the next 4-5 months of my life totally miserable. He reminded me that I already know that I can run a marathon, I’m not trying to prove anything to myself or anyone else, I’m doing this because I WANT to. If don’t reach my goal, there will always be other races and there are things (like getting sick) that we just can’t control. Hearing that made me feel a lot better 🙂 Love my Navyguy!

Do you feel guilty for skipping workouts even when you know you should?

If you have a blog, are there any times or situations that you get nervous about taking pictures or explaining to people about your blog?