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Today has been a nice and slow kind of day. Since everything has been so busy lately I really just need some time to sit down and catch up on everything. I had a quick and simple breakfast:


cottage cheese, cheerios, and mango (from the freezer). I’ve also been snacking on some Quaker mini rice cakes and drinking lots of Earl Gray tea.

I think everyone can get a little bit of temper at one time or another when it comes to driving. For me it usually happens in evening traffic when all I want to do is get home, but in the morning I tend to be a lot more mellow and the traffic doesn’t bother me as much. Most mornings I actually end up getting a good laugh at the way people are driving. I especially find it funny that some drivers will get so mad, screaming obscenities, honking, the whole nine yards, when they themselves are actually the ones not following the rules of the road. Really, sometimes you just have to laugh at them (as long as they aren’t causing accidents that is).

This morning I was laughing at one of these situations while waiting at a red light. The screaming, honking, angry guy definitely did not have the right of way and it sort of got me thinking about the rules people have about the way they eat. I know, weird thing to think about at 6am… but seriously, when it comes to driving there is right and wrong, there are set rules that you are supposed to follow. So really  my opinion about who’s turn it is at the 4-way stop shouldn’t really be any different than the guy on the other side of the street, but my opinion about whether fish is healthy or not could be totally different from his.

When it comes to food, there are countless “rules” that doctors, or scientists, or dieticians, or you yourself come up with and follow, but no one set of rules (or even any single rule) is necessarily wrong or right. There isn’t just one book on the best way to eat, there are thousands (millions?). I think in the past I’ve let other peoples opinions about what healthy eating have too much influence over how I decide when and what to eat.

Part of me wants to say “Let’s all throw out our food rules!!” but then at the same time I wonder if it isn’t good to sort of follow some “rules” that you know work for you and help you feel good or stay healthy. I don’t know if I would have called them rules before today, but there are definitely some habits that I tend to follow, I’m sure there are more, but just off the top of my head,

  • trying to eat a fruit or veggie at every meal
  • drinking at least 80oz of water a day
  • not eating more than one serving of nuts/nut butter a day
  • eating food instead of drinking it (eating an orange instead of drinking orange juice)
  • When eating out I try to stick to one fat (like picking between having avocado or cheese instead of having both in the same meal)

I’ve definitely become more relaxed in most situations and that’s why I wouldn’t really call these rules, just things I usually think  and usually follow, but don’t always. I think relaxing the rules is something that has helped me have a much healthier relationship with food and become a healthier person overall.

Do you have “Food Rules”?

Have you ever had a situation where someone has critiqued your eating style or told you it was wrong?