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NavyMom has been here for almost a full week now and I feel like we’ve being going nonstop this whole time. At first I was having somewhat of a hard time sort of making it all work. I think its definitely just the normal tendency to indulge more on vacation, and even though I’m not technically on vacation its hard its hard to ignore the mentality when you’re spending 90% of your time with someone who is on vacation.


I don’t know about other people or families but for us a big part of vacation has always been the food. If we’re in a new or fun city, its all about finding fun and different restaurants that aren’t available at home and maybe having a few extra desserts because “hey, I’m on vacation.” If its a big family vacation say at the beach, big family dinners that have maybe a little extra bread and a little extra wine are always a huge focus. Luckily, I’m also part of a family (both mine and the Navy side) that also believes in getting around and doing a lot during vacation.  I feel like I’m always talking about balance, but really so many things go back to having a little balance in life.

Since NavyMom was able to visit for a pretty good amount of time, we quickly sort of established a somewhat different vacation pattern than normal. There is less pressure to eat out every night and we made a point to pick out  what restaurants she really wanted to try, and ones we really wanted to take her to, so that we could work on balancing out burgers at the diner with a healthier home cooked meal the next night or the night before.

Being out all day long seeing new parts of town makes me really want to try out all the cute and different cafes for lunch so we’ve made a point to pack fun and tasty lunches to avoid eating out at both lunch and dinner.

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I packed a really great veggie burger yesterday to eat while sightseeing on Coronado. Keeping the burger and fixins separate helped keep everything from getting icky. It tasted really great and fresh and I didn’t mind that it wasn’t hot.


Making a point to find nice and/or fun places to eat helps me feel like I’m not missing out by having my own lunch instead of dining out. We at on the beach in the downtown area of Coronado and got to relax and people watch which made it just as fun as sitting outside at a little cafe.

Before having lunch on the beach we did make a stop for a small snack and coffee  so that we would have the opportunity to sit on a patio in the downtown area and get a chance to sort of just sit and watch.

 IMG_1376 Sure there’s nothing special about Panera, but the coffee was cheap (like $1.50ish) and it was fun to sit out on the patio in the heart of the area to just watch and sort of get a feel for the area. We got the atmosphere we were looking for, but didn’t spend a lot of money or feel guilty for having an extra meal out since we already had plans for dinner.


For dinner we took NavyMom to our favorite place in Mission Valley: Sammy’s Wood-fired pizza of course.


I had 2 slices of Tai Chicken Pizza (on whole wheat crust) and some prosciutto wrapped asparagus. I don’t usually get pizza but this was so good and actually filling, I especially loved how much zucchini and carrot was piled on. I am really going to miss this place when we move back East!

Usually by this point on vacation (or even just when having guests on vacation staying with us) I’m feeling sluggish, bloated, constipated (sorry I know, TMI, but seriously this is the number 1 sign for me that I’m not eating well), and a little frustrated because well, feeling like that just plain feels crappy. But this time around I’m happy to say that is not the case. Sure I’m not quite as regular as normal, and maybe I’ve needed an extra push to get to the gym, but I think that’s probably because I’ve had to move my workouts to the AM and I’m just not used to that yet.

I’m not a perfect healthy eater (but seriously,does such a thing even exist really?), I’m far far far from being a perfect runner or exerciser in general, but I am really proud of how my whole mentality towards both of those has changed over the past couple of years. I think Balance is my favorite word. Have your vacation, and enjoy it too.

Do you tend to act like you’re on vacation when you have guests visiting? Do you have a vacation mode/mentality or do you usually eat and exercise the same as normal?