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Yesterday was sort of every ones day off. We didn’t really go anywhere or do much, it was so nice to just have the day to wind down a little bit and catch up on things.

I started off the day with a new breakfast combo, waffles, avocado, and egg. It was so freaking good! But it turned out really unattractive looking and I never ended up taking a picture. I will definitely be eating that again sometime soon though.

Lunch was leftovers


Sammy’s Tai Chicken Pizza. Yes, there are peanuts on the pizza, so good.


Plus some super sweet watermelon on the side. This picture is actually really deceiving because I ended up eating 3/4 of the whole watermelon yesterday. It was one of those little baby watermelons, but I still ate a whole lot of it.

For dinner NavyMom and Navyguy went out to PF Changs for some mother son time while I got to enjoy some glorious alone time. I love, love, love, having guests over, but its been a week now and I just needed a little time to myself, ya know?

I started by finishing off the last of our bottle of Rose from Orfila


This seriously hit the spot.


I also had quite a bit more watermelon while cooking dinner. There were quite a few undocumented bites and snacks that happened throughout the day including one way-to-large-for-its-own-good cinnamon bun from Ikea, a nibble of a hotdog, a handful or so of chocolate chex mix. It was just sort of one of those days where I had the urge to snack all day long, it happens. But anyways, for dinner I was really just craving veggies


I started out with Ezekiel Toast.


Then topped that with summer squash and tomatoes that had been “grilled” in a frying pan. I topped the tomatoes with a very light drizzle of EVOO, a heavy handed shake of Italian seasoning, and some mozzarella cheese.


The end product. Delicious. This is actually even more phenomenal with some roasted or grilled asparagus but I was starving and totally forgot. Its also really really good with eggplant instead of squash (or with it) and spinach.

It held me over pretty well but I did end up having a taste of the PF Chang leftovers plus a small hunk of baguette with some cheese. It was a snacky day.

On the Bright Side: I hit up the track yesterday afternoon and actually ran! Since I got sick over a week and half ago I had only been on one 2 mile run. I’m not gonna lie, it was tough! For whatever reason I was having a really hard time finding my groove and felt like my stride was off and awkward the whole time.

Since I was having a tough time I used a few mental tricks to help things go by more quickly. These may not work for anyone else, and maybe I’m crazy, but here are my favorite tricks:

  • when on the track and running with the garmin I run in the outside 2 lanes and hide the mileage display from myself. That way I  count laps for distance but since I’m on the outside lap there is a little extra mileage added each lap that I’m not counting. So basically by the last couple of laps I get excited that I get to finish “early” instead of having to make it around to where I started, or sometimes if I’m running far enough I get to end a whole lap early. Its definitely delusional, but it works for me 🙂
  • Sometimes when I’m running with music I start to count how many songs have played as a way to keep track of time, which can start to get me down. When that happens I like to find a really good song and repeat it like 3 or 4 times. For some reason that really helps me stop thinking about how much time has passed or how much time I have left. Yesterday I listed to “Don’t Rain on My Parade” and “Telephone” 3 or 4 times each, plus a couple of other doubles.

In the end I finished up 3.25 miles and was just happy that I was able to be out there and do it. I have less than a month before official marathon training starts, yikes!!!

What are your tricks for getting through a tough workout?