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Happy Friday AND Happy July!

July just happens to be my favorite month of the whole year, which may or may not mean that my birthday is coming up soon 🙂 But really, what’s not to love about July? I love the heat, the cookouts, the summer thunderstorms (on the east coast that is).

Yesterday morning I was up way too early for breakfast so I nibbled on some pretzels, fell back asleep for 1.5 hours and then had some real breakfast.


Cottage cheese and 1/2 a grapefruit straight out of the container. I wanted to have a lighter breakfast since we had plans to go out for lunch and I knew I’d be eating a lot.

We went to Al’s Cafe In The Village in Carlsbad. Its sort of one of those hole in the wall family own breakfast and lunch only kind of places. It wasn’t anything special to look at but the service was great, the food was delicious, and the 3 of us ate lunch for around $20!! Can you believe that??

I started out with coffee, check out this mug!



I like to drink coffee at places like this because its usually good, and it was. She even made a new pot for me because she said it just didn’t smell right to her. I started with one cup of regular and then switched to decaf.

For lunch I went with the Smoked Salmon Nicoise Salad. Yea, I had coffee and a salad together, don’t judge haha.



Seriously, this was the best smoked salmon ever! I don’t see Salad Nicoise many places and I’ve never seen it served with salmon (traditionally its served with tuna). Oh man it was so good, and it was only $8! Honestly for that price I was sort of expecting either to get a very dinky amount of salmon or for it to taste subpar but it was definitely neither of those things. When I saw how big it was I thought to myself wow, I should only eat half of that, but I inhaled the whole thing minus half of the bread 🙂

I was full for the rest of the afternoon and didn’t even think about food until dinner. I was craving veggies and had a zucchini that was about to bite the dust so I just started throwing things in a pan.



I ended up with 1 serving of barilla plus penne topped with sautéed summer squash, zucchini, tomato, and tomato basil chicken sausage all seasoned with a bit of EVOO, Italian seasoning, and some parm cheese. Quick, simple, and delicious. 

After dinner I hit up the gym for some quick cardio. I started with 20 minutes of sprint intervals on the elliptical and finished with 15 minutes of incline walking on the treadmill. My heart rate was up, I was sweating and it felt good. I’m starting to feel like I’m back in my routine and I’m actually craving workouts again 🙂

I had the amazing egg, avocado, waffle combo again this morning, but I think this post is already wayyyy too long and I have to get going. Hopefully I’ll be back this afternoon!

What’s the weirdest breakfast combo you’ve ever had?