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Even though I had a really great and filling lunch today, I felt super hungry and snacky all afternoon. After lunch and cherries I had…


whole wheat bagel thin with pb and cinnamon


Dried fig and dates

annddd probably a good amount of pictured strawberries and tortilla chips.

Despite all the snacking I was still super hungry for dinner.


Shrimp burrito, sautéed cabbage, and sweet potato fries (with a few more tortilla chips).


In the burrito: sautéed cabbage, shrimp, salsa, avocado, 2% cheddar cheese.

Random Side Note: I think I’m officially going on a lettuce strike, I’ve gotten really bored with romaine and spinach as lettuce replacements. I want to start trying new greens and hopefully find fun flavor combos. I think the cabbage in this burrito was perfect, it had so much more flavor than lettuce but still tasted really fresh and crisp.

After dinner I headed to the gym and got in 3 miles on the treadmill. My plan was to do a progressive run where each mile is faster than the last.  I started off great, but about half way through mile 2 I started feeling really crappy and crampy in the tummy area so I slowed back down for mile 3.

At first I was puzzled and then I started to think back at what I had eaten today. Broccoli, beans, cabbage, sweet potato, high fiber tortilla, high fiber whole wheat past, lots of fruit… I definitely had my fair share of high fiber foods today and it took a toll on my tummy during my run. (warning, probably TMI) The truth is, running while gassy is not fun at all. Now I’ll be honest, when I’m running outside I don’t really worry about letting one rip here or there, but I was really worried about embarrassing myself in the gym, not to mention that it would have made everyone else uncomfortable (its a really small gym).

Are there certain foods, or certain food groups that you avoid before a workout? I usually avoid any kind of dairy. I’m usually good with high fiber foods, I just need to work on not combining a bunch of them into one meal, or in today’s case, multiple meals haha.

Do you think its impolite or embarrassing to talk about gas? I think its really embarrassing to actually fart in public, but I don’t mind talking about it. I mean it sucks to have gas cramps! I wish it wasn’t so embarrassing so we all could just let loose and feel better.