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Happy Friday!!!!!

I went to bed super late last night so things have been moving pretty slow today. I started off with the same breakfast as yesterday, only in a better bowl 🙂


Plain 2% yogurt + Oats + the best strawberries of the season.

Things were pretty uneventful up until lunch time. I was on a mission to put together something creative, but also to be conscious of not putting together too many, ahem, gassy foods lol. The result was a very tasty meatball sandwich/sub thing.


Arnold Sandwich Thin, the last of the turkey spinach meatballs, pinto bean spread, and tomato.


This all worked out so well together! The bean spread was basically just pinto beans mashed with a smidge of EVOO, salt, and garlic powder. It probably could have used some spinach or lettuce but for whatever reason those things have not sounded appealing to me lately and  after last nights issue I wanted to avoid combining the beans and cabbage for the sake of my tummy.


I had a string cheese on the side. I can’t even remember the last time I had string cheese! I haven’t avoided it on purpose, but just hadn’t thought to get it either and last night I found a coupon at the grocery store for the Sargento brand. It totally blew the socks off of the Polly-O string cheese haha.

So Its no secret that I’ve been in a big fitness rut lately, and by lately I mean the past month or 2. Somewhere along the line my fitness level a downslide and ever since I’ve been frustrated and struggling to find motivation to work out. I’m frustrated because I’m not seeing results, my motivation plummets, my workouts lack intensity because of the lack of motivation, and in the end I get no where because of the lack of intensity. Instead of moping around I need to figure out how to break this cycle, espcially before marathon training start!! (eeek only 2 weeks away!)

Here are some ideas I have:

  1. get out of my comfort zone. I think I need to try some new types of exercise. Ideas: swimming, playground strength training, plyometric style workouts,  exploring new running routes.
  2. Fitness classes. I have been neglecting spin, yoga, and gravity strength at the base gym pretty much just because it wasn’t as convenient as staying at home.
  3. Take a break from the elliptical. Its so easy to just hop on the elliptical when I don’t feel like doing anything else, but lately its become an easy out and an excuse not to do something more challenging. Plus I don’t think my legs are getting enough of a break when I use the elliptical on non-running days.
  4. Here is the killer one. Change my workout schedule. I have a tendency to wait until the evening to workout, but it just hasn’t been working recently. I’ve been letting other things get in the way and I just haven’t been having as much energy in the evening.

My goal is incorporate at least one of 1, 2, and 4 everyday for the next week and to avoid the elliptical for at least the next week.

Any rut busting tips?