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The past 2 days have been packed with fun. Friday was Cow Appreciation Day at Chick-fil-A. Basically Cow Appreciation Day means that if you go to any Chick-fil-A dressed as a cow, you get a completely free meal! It wasn’t until about 6:30 when I realized what day it was and I actually had dinner almost completely made (in the crock pot) but Navyguy and I both decided it was worth it to save our dinner for another night and head out to Chick-Fil-A.

We had a quick cow fashion show haha…

IMG_1481 IMG_1483

I’m not really 100% sure why Navyguy has an actual cow costume.. I think it might have something to do with a church play at some point.


But then sadly I forgot my camera on the counter 😦 I wish I had phtographic proof that we weren’t the only ones dressed up. Almost everyone there had on cow hats, spots, and tails and a lot of people were fully decked out in cow costumes.

Before dinner I had planned a pretty awesome “playground workout” full of monkey bars, lots of jumping, various push-ups, and sprints. Sadly I didn’t realize until it was too late that the park actually closes really early. I probably still could have gone since there isn’t a gate, but I’m a big pansy about getting in trouble or breaking the rules.

I almost called it a night but then decided to improvise with some Turbo Jam. I did the 20 minute workout and then added in some extra jump rope, tuck jumps, and planks. It was a quick workout but I was dripping sweat and felt really great afterwards.

Saturday we spent most of the day helping some good friends move into a new apt. At first I felt guilty for sleeping in a missing out on the gym, but I think all the moving definitely counted as a workout. I was sweating and found myself out of breath a few times. I woke up this morning with some sore arms and a slightly sore back.

After that we rushed home, passed out for a quick nap, and then headed over to a Navy dinner. I didn’t take any pictures but I had delicious seared tuna, veggies, and rice along with a summer style beer. After dinner we happily met up with some friend who invited us to go see Despicable Me! It was funny and cute, I loved it!

Plans for today include world cup watching and actually running more than 3 miles. (eek I’ve only actually run once this week!)